Blake Griffin And Chris Paul Won’t Land On Winning Teams | SportsCenter | ESPN

Mike Wise doesn’t believe that Chris Paul or Blake Griffin opting out of their contracts will land on a winning team and considers the Clippers to be a contender the near future.

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  • Good bye Blake Griffin you soft ginger hair colored lindsey lohan freckled face two headed bitch take ya as home bitch

  • As a Clippers fan I obviously want them to stay, more Cp3 than Blake but both. But if they both decide to continue to play together they should go to the spurs and team up with kawhi and pop. They can definitely compete with the warriors and I think beat the cavs

  • Blake in IRAN and Cp3 in IRAQ

  • blake going to warriors

  • CP3 to the spurs and Blake to OKC

  • just join warriors for easy ring

  • If Blake goes to Boston they take the Cavs to 7 games and anything could happen.

  • If you guys at ESPN are gonna take down all the videos at least post more than a minutes worth for us outside the US

  • And the fans cheered." blake come home!Blake come home!…….."

  • but if you're Blake and go to Boston u beat Cleveland

  • Lmaoooo u only see them in June in a state farm Commercial i fucking died ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ’€๐Ÿ’€๐Ÿ’€

  • clippers 2 seattle move the team

  • Chris Paul and Blake to the Wolves.
    Jimmy Buckets
    Andrew Wiggins
    It'd be fun

  • Cp3 to Spurs or Minny

  • Did the Spurs die?

  • They both get injured too much. Signing them is a big gamble.

  • Imagine if CP3 and Blake go to the Heat or Knicks

  • Honestly the dude on the right makes the point that I always make. Do you blow up a decent team to tank for five years like Philadelphia or do you just continue to have a decent team he's gonna make the playoffs. I think if you could add one really good piece they might have a better chance

  • I agree with him

  • they're dumb. all that money and they are a top nba team.

  • If Chris Paul wants to start the next super team . Go to Timberwolves with towns Wiggins and Butler

  • As I said before, both should re sign in LA for Max deals and help bring in more talent at the 2 and 3. Hell Paul George would make them a super team and he's from LA…hmmmm๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”

  • What did he say about the titanic

  • Do OKC have cap space for Griffen ?

  • How good would cp3 and AD it would be new Lob city

  • Cant they go any where tho? Im sure if they both go to the spurs it would be a rap

  • You say they won't end up on winnings teams…..and you know this how? Let's wait and see what happens and then make a statement. Not try to be gypsies and predict what is gonna happen.

  • Dumb comments from the bald guy. Smh.

  • Cp3 and Blake will never win shit. They begged Jordan to stay now there both leaving. Wow.

  • Cp3 should stay but Blake should join the rockets


  • they both will stay

  • Clippers supporters are just as annoying as Cowboys supporters. How many years of failure does it take before you finally realize you need to change the formula? Romo's gone so Dallas supporters are FINALLY moving on for good. It's time for the Clippers people to do the same.

  • spurs cut alridge acquire Paul and Griffin

  • ESPN: "Chris Paul and Blake Griffin opted out there contract."

    DeAndre Jordan: " I should have token that Dallas Maverick deal"

  • send Blake to Boston and CP3 to the Spurs

  • RIP Celtics

  • com.Dewoody

  • dont underestimate the rockets,its only mike d antoni first year in charge,they will improve a lot in the second year,so i think blake joining them could make them stronger and pissible beating the warriors.

  • the clippers always had the great rosters on paper recently,but bad luck always happened,that why i think they should change team,hoping it could change their luck.

  • new look LAKERS. 1.BALL 2.KING JAMES. 3 PAUL. 2018๐Ÿ’ฉ