Binging with Babish Cooks the Perfect Smashed Burger | Sean in the Wild


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  • Two beautiful shiny orbs. Do you ever lick each others bald heads?

  • Got a 1 minute pre-roll add which was unskippable – what the fuck

  • Sam

    binging with babish looks like mc ride if he was white


  • Never seen his face. The mystery is gone D:

  • I love this


  • dude first we feast and binging with babish together this is the best moment of my life

  • 3:41 "If you like blue cheese on a burger, you really don't like burgers…you like blue cheese." Although I completely agree that blue cheese wouldn't work on this burger, I've had some burgers with blue cheese that were so good that it made me feel like I was being wrapped inside joy itself whilst frolicking naked on an open plain in perfect weather hand-in-hand with Jennifer Lawrence alongside unicorns and Falkor. In closing, the quoted statement is the first thing Andrew has said that I wholeheartedly disagree with. Because I fucking love burgers, and I'm going to make these when I see my family next week. 😉

  • No one has time to ground your own beef

  • Sure go for this is you want a bad bun, awful yellow cheese, and weak thin overcooked patties… Not to mention you use garlic POWDER which is rubbish… No descent chef would use that crap. And who are you to say that if you like blue cheese on burgers you don't like burgers ?

  • Please get this guy on Hot Ones!

  • Love you both… more than a friend.

  • Awesome episode !

  • any chance of a hot wing talk with him?

  • About god damn time, babish is a culinary genius.

  • If there was a meat scientist , this man is one . 🙂

  • OH NO HE'S HOT!!!

  • who the fuck is that and where is the torso i am so fond of

  • nothing says america like 2 bald white dudes eating hamburgers

  • So cool to see the two of you collabing. This is just what the internet is all about. Happy 4th!

  • We see his face!

  • eating donuts with french fries is surprisingly good, try it and you will be hooked.

  • Get Andy Milonakis on hot ones my dude.

  • Took me some time to realize it was binging

  • That was some intense background music for a burger video