Bill Cosby Will Hold Town Hall Meetings About Sexual Assault

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  • love love the breakfast club

  • He saves more than he rapes

  • CTG you missed the mark on the Bill Cosby story

  • What is he gonna teach men his ninja tactics like in the Batman movie

  • poor guy, he was witch hunted for his money.

  • Charlamagne has been even dumber than usual lately

  • past video inspection hunter for alone identity olympic await.

  • "even if he didn't fftick his penith in those womans pvfaginath it's not a good idea" -Charlamagne

    He didn't say that in fact I didn't watch the video but that's what he sounds like.

  • You got it wrong. He's not trying to teach men how not to rape. Like, what not to do etc. He's trying to help them watch out for rape accusers.

  • Why? To show how you can get away with assault?

  • Why?? That's not a good idea. A mistrial is NOT an innocent verdict…there can be a second trial. Plus people that believe he didn't do it…will always believe he didn't do it. People that strongly believe he did it will not change their perception. Thirdly, I honestly fear what will come out of Bill's mouth. He's thoughts are as side-eying as Trumps. Again not a good idea for him to do.

  • Discussions need to be had bc there is so much that men do and women allow that is considered sexual assault but are clueless about it. You get hold to the wrong one and it could mean your life but Bill…eh…I think I'd pass on your advice.

  • Woooow a lesson to the rapists on how not to get caught or find the loop hole to rape. Fucking disgusting!

  • The problem is people not taking responsibility for themselves. I don't condone rape or abuse of anybody. However people need to be responsible for themselves because nobody owes anybody anything. Meaning just because you want respect doesn't mean it's owed to you. Stop putting yourself in potentially dangerous situations with achohol and drugs only to feel vulnerable and abused later. Then trying to blame someone else for your lack of self control. Don't drink with people you don't know, don't allow people to handle your drink, don't leave I unattended and hears a thought just stop…

  • This is a really dumb idea. His lawyer thinks this is a good idea?

  • Send this lying nigger to go meet Michael brown the dead nigger piece of shit

  • 0:58, Wax, lmao

  • The justice system wouldn't be so biased Bill if you didn't admit in your deposition that you drugged girls AND you joke about using Quaaludes in your stand up routine. Go away crawl in a hole and die.

  • Let's get it bill lol

  • Just don't have sex with drunk or high women. Don't even converse with them. If u can help it lol

  • Don't y'all wish Cosby would just up and die already. Sick of seeing his old fugly assed face.. and now he's gonna lecture us all about his shit. What a ploy. STFU old pimp

  • this is not true. they lying on bill. This kind of rumor will just make the women who are making these claims mad.