BERNARD HOPKINS DOUBTS KNOCKOUT ENDING IN CANELO VS. GOLOVKIN, BUT SEES KNOCKDOWNS; BREAKS IT DOWN was on hand at Avalon Hollywood in Los Angeles, California where former world champion Canelo Alvarez and undefeated middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin made the final stop in the multi-city press tour to promote their highly-anticipated September 16 showdown. Check out the scene as Hopkins shared his thoughts on the fight and much more.


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  • I hope so

  • GGG via deportation round 1.

  • Bernard coon Hopkins how does it to work for someone who doesn't respect you

  • Well Canelo lost to Mayweather and he lost to Lara. But this fight he will be fighting someone that could take a punch and could give it out. In the Mayweather lost he let the smaller guy dictate the pace. The same in the Lara fight he faded against Austin Trout in the late rounds I think GGG is going to bring it to him.

  • Canelo doesn't move. this will doom him

  • Say what you want, Hopkins always makes for interesting points.

  • will there be knock outs then quitting claiming they were pushed from your experience

  • Bernand is so full of shit. "I've seen some fighters, who would have been considered great, undefeated, but when they ran into Canelo, they were never the same. "
    Canelo has fought three undefeated. The one being Liam Smith, the second being Trout, the third being Euri Gonzalez.
    Liam Smith never fought anyone of notice, the best being Radosevic.
    Trout only fought Cotto before of notice.
    Gonzalez.. Who?

  • actually hopkins is always talk about shittt like this in every match of golovkin. and than you know what happen

  • How can ggg have already learned how to figure out a puzzle he's not use to seeing when none of those suppose puzzles wanted nothing to do wit him??