Ben Simmons And Joel Embiid Call Out Ball Family On Twitter | SportsNation | ESPN

The SportsNation crew discusses Philadelphia 76ers’ Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid calling out Lonzo Ball and his family on Twitter after Ball was drafted overall No. 2 by the Los Angeles Lakers at the 2017 NBA Draft.

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  • Its obvious Joel and the Simmons are jealous of Lonzo because he has more followers than them and he hasnt even player an NBA game yet

  • divide by zero doesnt equal infinite knowledge. /0 is just /0 error.

  • LOL it Sucks this Guys will Probably won't be in The Court while Lonzo Ball is Balling on the 76ers!

  • I was just on another youtube video cutting it up with Lavar Ball. He should chill though, man. Ain't fair to Lonzo. If it wasn't for his Dad, this wouldn't be happening. Now this boy gotta fight his Dad' battles over shit he had nothing to do with.

    That's messed up. This is his boy" career right now. You don't want to make ememies for your son. What Father does that? Young man trying to hold his own but his Dad won't shut up. Smh…..he's funny, though. So is Embiid with that line,

    "big buata brand."


  • They're referencing a tweet that Ben Simmons sister had. Joel is just quoting her. It's a joke. Ben is dead serious though. And rightfully so. Lavar is a nut job. Who can disagree?

  • Ben Simmons sister tweeted a couple weeks ago, basically word for word, what Joel said, that was what the joke was about.

  • Lonzo will have a huge target on his back. Everybody will try to dunk on him and embarrass him and it's not even his own fault.

  • get off the phone and on the court boy, get that Ball in your hands lol

  • Trust The Medic.

  • Lavar Ball – My boy Lonzo going to Dunk all over Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid At the same time. Ask Future feat. Diddy and Luda.

  • This is why espn is dying black people are sick of the hate'n .a black father who supports his sons all the way so he has the skill and dedication to make it to college and so far one into the nba. Sounds like something we all should support. If he drops the price point to something affordable ill buy 3 pair. And rock them

  • God

    Lakers and the sixers gonna be a problem this year

  • 0:56, Lavar is that you? 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Ben Simmons or Lonzo hasn't even played a game yet I'm not gonna say anything about this

  • idk about Simmons but Embiid was definitely just joking around like he always does, his tweet was just a quote of what Simmons' little sister said a few months ago.

  • How bout you dumbasses focus on staying healthy before talking shit. Stay in your lane.

  • You know what's funny? Ben Simmons is an Australian cunt, which explains why that whiny son of a bitch would take a dig at a player who played the same amount of time in the NBA.

    CRAAAUUUZAAY PAAIIIIIUUULLSSS..what a fucking gay accent

  • Dividing by zero isn't infinite and saying that as you say "infinite knowledge" is cringy and makes you look fucking stupid. "Stay in you're lane" buddy.


  • We are better ballers. This league is for people with big balls

  • First off they all three rookies. both sixers players are never on the court.

  • Here's another great example of Lavar Balls sorry ass trying to stay relevant

  • Both of them niggas combined 25 games played at most

  • why'd he say crazy pills?

  • The basketball gods masters ain't letting philly stay healthy for there sins I feel for the players drafted not there fault

  • Ben is the next d rose [not in his prime]

  • Niggaz are not from America. Take it easy.
    Ball is off limits

  • i love it especially that I'm from Philly I just plain and simple people arw tired of hearing lavar mouth and always bragging about his kids lonzo gonna catch wreck when our Sixer's destroy LA Fakers

  • Joel A Dickhead For That Fuck That Bitch Ass Nigga

  • Man f them his dad can say whatever the f he wants to say they just jealous because he is gonna be better than Ben Simmons is trash on trash

  • i mean maybe simmons or embiid could dunk on lonzo if they could stop getting injured 🤷🏻‍♂️ just sayin

  • At least 20 other franchises wish they had the personnel the Sixers have right now

  • LMAO 2 irrelevant players on the most trash team in the NBA hating on a top draft pick. LOL. Jay Z said it best – get your wins up before you come at me son.

  • He's still done more than lonzo

  • Mess Trump got us into….stupid TWEETS. They need to focus on playing and staying healthy. No risk taking. No distractions.

  • Embiid and Ben concentrate on being healthy

  • lakers ain't got no tallent they traded it away

  • These comments full of everyone riding Lonzo hard af. It's a bit of banter I'm sure Joel will not really hurt your lord and saviour lonzo ball

  • Pao

    the bust duo

  • Sorry glass man you broke.


  • This was pretty funny. That Being said, if the Lakers make the playoffs, the 76ers Don't make the playoffs, and when they play each other, Lonzo puts up a 30 piece or 40 piece, everyone is and should get on Embiid's ass and rip him (no homo).

  • Philly all the way