Behind The Scenes With The Athletes Of The Body Issue | E:60 | ESPN

E:60 brings you an all-access preview of the 23 athletes featured in ESPN The Magazine’s ninth annual Body Issue.

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  • Damn sports are gay these days

  • One burger a day to keep a 25 point deficit away

  • My question is wtf are they naked for what's the point. Do the director and cameraman just wanna see famous people's vaginas and titties and dick and stuff. When I go to the NBA I ain't doing that shit.

  • Ashley Wagner 😍

  • Coach sufficient family quick soccer wise another moment negotiation.

  • lol I would do nude shots all the time if I was a super rich athlete

  • This is why ESPN just plain suck nowadays, I hope THE NBA leaves this network.

  • Who wanna see any looney tunes in the locker room?!
    So, why bring this kind of vibe to the outside in public?

  • Espn the fuck is all this Gay shit now

  • Why is everyone on YouTube homophobic??

  • Thornton and Burns both have nice bodies (no homo)

  • Burns and Thornton have their trademark superlong beards, but the rest of their bodies is so smoothly shaved lol I wonder if they're smoothly shaved down there too xD (no homo)

  • Are their peens covered?

  • ROB

    ESPN needs to get rid of this shit. It's been around for too long now. Are they models or fuckin athletes? Posing nude in front of a camera when you're supposed to be an athlete is some sad shit.

  • video shit………………………………

  • just show the fuckin women no one wanna see muscular dicks, gotdammit you couldnt have made it harder for me to bust off to michelle waterson if you actually tried

  • Those who disliked this video are morbidly obese people.

  • I don't get why they had to be nude. you can't work out the dick or the vagina or the boobs as far as I know

  • Julian Edelman's saying LOL classic!