Another Boston Radio Host Suspended For Mocking Tom Brady’s Agent With Racist Accent

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  1. Boston is the most racist state after Alabama Mississippi south and North Carolina texas Virginia and oh yea EVERY southern state. Don’t let these southerners distract y’all with this Boston is racist talk when blacks are still getting locked up for weed in the south

  2. Sooo Charlemagne lame ass Can’t give Kevin Hart DOTD For cheating 🤔 Because He Cheated B4. But He Can Give Christian Fauria DOTD For wylin and getting fired on the radio when he did that 4 TIMES . The niggas a lame

  3. I said it in the last one, will say it again. Boston sports radio is the worst. And again, even 98.5 is awful. These guys aren't just homers, they're smarmy jerks that really do believe they're comedians. On 98.5, I literally listened to one of their djs talk about how stupid and awful a coach Mike Tomlin is, THEN go on a rant about how people shouldn't criticize other people doing their job. It was one of the most unbelievable things I'd heard. Boston sports radio (lack of) personalities literally don't believe their own sh!t stinks…

  4. Donkey of the Day goes to Charlamagne Tha God for poppin fly bout Troy Ave but then turns Danny Phantom (ghost) when Troy Ave comes to Breakfast Club the following week lmao

  5. As a black man in boston… Yall forcin it with that boston being the most racist city in america. Every city is the most racist city… Anybody hear about police shootin niggas n chokin em out in boston? Any riots? Any tiki torches? I believe boston showed in record numbers , including the mayor, not welcoming the tiki torch carriers to boston… Lol theres niggas in boston too. So white ppl get liqoured up n call athletes niggers from time to time in boston… Okkk? Does that make boston the MOST racist city? Is it about bus-sing in the 70s? Moms was part of it so I get it…but isnt and wasnt that all of amerikkka? Idk, shit offends me as a black man as if white ppl running shit in boston or have more of a negative racial undertone dealing with black ppl here than anywhere else. Bostons no different than anywhere else in amerikka.

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