Angela Rye Discusses Her New Podcast For The Woke And ‘Sophistiratchet’

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  1. If she doesn't endorse Bernie sanders And Nina Turner in 2020 shes a wannabe corporatist crook just like the rest of the liberals and gop. Never heard of her supporting any progressives either really. Still trying to defend Hillary Clinton smh. . She isn't seeming to "woke" to me

  2. I have a question. This is a good show with very interesting conversation, but why don't you guys get a Black republican (since most of your guest are Black) on your show to tell the GOP side? Republicans (that includes Black and white ) are greatly misunderstood. 1. Trump has already put his bid to run for 2020. In fact, he did it in february. 2. CNN the network she has appeared on has been caught in many lies.

  3. Donald Trump Jr. admitted that he mad a mistake trying to get information for his dad. However, he released his e-mails and nothing. The caller was right @ 15:00 I just hope one day This great show (which I do watch on youtube),You have had many, good guest on your show, Black nationalist /pro african, Umar Johnson but not one Republican Black or white. Not too mention the "nothingburger" by people who work for her CNN. "

  4. Oh Jeff Sessions fought against the KKK during the Civil rights movement. Not too mention Sessions. helped and hired Blacks throughout his life. Many Blacks testified on his behalf before he was in Trumps cabinet.

  5. People can say what they want about CTG, Angela and ENVY, but the show is not quite the same when ANY of them are missing. The show works because they all bring something to Breakfast Club Pot.

  6. 2 things: 1) i want to marry angela rye. 2) she should elaborate on knowledge vs ignorance of the law as it relates to Donald Trump jr. ignorance of the law is not a defense; knowing what's right or wrong has nothing to do with knowing the law. People do things that are wrong but not illegal or, even worse, "perfectly" legal. and the right thing to do is often enough illegal.

  7. Well if it isn't Isis Isis. Racism Bigotry & Hatecruns rampant here. Being "Woke" doesn't mean u recruit ppl to join Isis on yhe DL. Im so disappointed. She has no other talent to be on radio/TV.

  8. I personally don't get a good vibe from her. I've seen all of her interviews on the Breakfast club to be fair but I just can't vibe with her. In this particular interview I don't really care for her assessment on Hillary Clinton- she missed the mark by saying well "there were black people who also agreed with the crime bill" just because some black people supported it does not make it right and does not undo what Clinton did. She also didnt talk about how Clinton called black people predators and how she actively ignored black people who protested at her campaign. It's okay to not like Trump but at the same time just because you don't like Trump you cant put Hillary on a pedestal.

  9. I'm happy to see an educated black female unafraid to speak her truth and go toe to toe with anyone. I'm also happy that she is secure enough in herself to be herself without shame. I hate when we as black people try to diminish or dim one another's shine. Please let's do better if you don't have anything positive to say just keep it moving. I believe she represents young people well and this is from a 50 year old black well educated female.

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