Angela Rye Discusses Her New Podcast For The Woke And ‘Sophistiratchet’

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  • Angela Rye is awesome. She is a great role model for all young women! Great to hear she finally has a podcast. She deserves a TV show!

  • I love their friendship. They genuinely get along.

  • A K

    LOL at the 206 shoutout and then dude was dumb af

  • Man, she must have a joint contract with The Breakfast Club?!😃 She like a regular almost.

  • I love their friendship and support of each other. So genuine. Angela is amazing

  • I wonder what her feet smell like 🤔🤔…cheesecake ?

  • Wow she is beautiful

  • we can be niggers, thugs, criminals and animals only… just don't call yourself anything that seems to rise above the chains a racist society puts tries to put on you. What a sad bunch of cave trolls in these comments, but hey… most of you are fat, depressed white virgins. Even some of you "niggas"

  • Angela is attractive asf man..

  • I think its safe to say she's been on here more often than Donnell Rawlins lmao

  • I love this woman!!!

  • Yee probably had some other business to take care of but I bet you she would've cleared her schedule if it was some chicken headed gossip guest coming up here.

  • So tired of black folk defending that cancer Hillary. I just don't get it! But I will chop it up to Post Traumatic Slavery Syndrome.

  • Lets be real Cthagod need to be doing these interviews by himself for real

  • Niggas my chat niggas Nadeska or Angela Rye

  • she is soooooo beautiful inside and out. she also is going to be the real life Olivia pope in a few years

  • She's on here every other week. I guess Liberals have really stepped up the indoctrination efforts since being defeated. It's cringeworthy listening to this stupid, CNN-chyron-ass bimbo speak. Only a dumb person can think she's smart. Maybe they think we're dumb?

  • Angela rye is fine af but she talk too damn much lol

  • As soon as shit get dry on this lil wack ass radio show that's is clearly going downhill y'all bring her ass up here 😂😂.

  • omarosa will knock angela rye block off 👊

  • AR15

  • it's women like this that other black women listen to like she's GOD . N whys she not married? bcuz she ain't wat u think she is off air around the same white ppl she claim that don't do nothing for black ppl

  • Damn Charlemagne bought out the breakfast club to do his own interviews

  • Dude charlamagne acts so fucking cheesy around this lady.. Like a kid in high school talking to his crush.. Cmon man stop doing your wife like that… Remember the world comes full circle. Angela just tryna give her platform a boost smh.. Everyone so fake these days, there's always some fuckry behind the scenes..

  • Damn this really just shows me that Charlamagne can run this whole show alone and nothing is lacking

  • this lady lacks so much political knowledge for a "lawyer". Hillary Clinton is a neoliberal. Need i say more?

  • Looks like Envy and Yee had enough of Charlamagne pulling strings to get his side piece on here. With that being said I haven't heard a interview I didn't like and shes beautiful.

  • goddess of woke.


  • …."ain't no condom, bih !!"

  • Is she black?

  • Such a lady! I would spare a few hours of my day just to hear her talk that shyt!

  • but America has been interfering in other countries elections for years tho

  • I would love for her grownass to ride my dicc… lowkey take advantage of a young playa !! lol

  • 6th time on the show this year? Cthagod is definitely hitting that

  • Come on Angela Rye they wage gap, are these women that are doing the same job/position as men making 67 cents on the dollar. Or his Female staff are in lower positions with lower wages?


  • Don't forget to upload your Podcast to You Tube Angela…I don't really feel Racebook, Shitter & Ignorant-Gram 💯

  • She hot af

  • This is becoming ridiculous

  • I remember when I was up their

  • Angela Rye 😍✊🏾🖤

  • 27 minutes in and i just realised there's no Envy and Angela to ask boring or stupid questions

  • I wanna see her feet tho

  • I love this woman! She makes me proud! The new type of leadership and voice needed in the black political sphere

  • Who She fuckin'?!

  • Is it just them two?

  • wtf where envy at?