“He’s messed up right now…Danny broke his elbow…why would you take a fight if you’re messed up…he’s messed up bro…he ain’t the same man…it’s like a football player, if you get an injury enough to hurt you, you’ll never be that football player again…that’s a big injury…when you throw your elbow, it snaps,” stated Angel Garcia, father and world-class trainer of former world champion Danny Garcia, who continued to fire shots at unified world champion Keith Thurman. Check it out!



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  1. This has been posted on like 5 different channels already. You're not working hard enough Ben. When Floyd gets in the cage and gets kicked unconscious, they'll be nothing left of this channel other than the interviews with Floyd in the hospital.

  2. That's how you bring a rabbit out of the hole. Keith Thurman is a weird dude! He's missing in action. Holding the WBC WBA welterweight championship hostage for a long time. Ducking everybody! But you know what? Angels right! this man is not right he wants to milk his injury as long as possible to try to make a mega million dollar fight and walk away in the sunset. I'll tell you one thing if he did have surgery in that elbow that arm is not going to be the same no matter what… this is not the sport to have a bad elbow especially when you fight and you get hit constantly in the same injury over and over again. And that's a wrap!

  3. Hella disrespectful this guy is. Yes funny but disrespectful. He's still upset because he talked all that shit to Thurman before the fight. And the man he called ponytail beat his son.

  4. Angel is in full retard mode! Danny would get smashed in to crumbs by Spence and in a rematch Thurman beats the brakes of Danny! Danny has no chance of beating the top guys! Herrera beat his ass so what Spence or Crawford would do makes me wince!

  5. Angel Garcia's attitude makes it hard to like Danny Garcia..His son is a good guy but Angel is being disrespectful talking about Thurman's wife like that..Wrong Wrong Wrong..

  6. Angel such a bitch. Makes me want to see Danny get his ass knocked out and his career ended so we never have to hear this piece of shit again. Which is fucked up cos danny seems like a nice guy. But man i fucking despise his dad

  7. You think Keith gonna fight you after u diss his wife. If he fight Danny he's going to k.o. especially if he doesn't relax last three rounds. Keith won to me 8-4 against Danny. Sore loser gets you no what and hating either ask Pacman all the excuses and not giving Floyd props

  8. Boxing , like all sports is some Freemason bullshit . Orchestrated events deceiving the stupid idiots that pay for this garbage .These fools are all Luciferians worshiping the dollar . Angel need to leave that dope alone already , you too old my man .

  9. Angel is a moron. Thurman's elbow wasn't even broke, nevermind Gift Garcia doing it. He had the problem going in to that fight an the surgery was to remove the shit in his elbow.

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