“They sat me down like a little kid in the corner…I’m not racist so don’t try to put words in my mouth…I wasn’t going to go to the public and say that because I’m not going to crucify myself…my mind wasn’t 100 there,” stated Angel Garcia, father and world-class trainer of former world champion Danny Garcia, who looked back on the racism drama he was involved in heading into their bout with Keith Thurman. Check it out!



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  1. Lol you did that to yourself angel. but I bet. the racism card has been the new mental warfare in some ways. shit will fuck with your head. Like Floyd Conor and ward Kovalev lol only one it didn't get to was Mikey when he fought broner. that donkey kong thing.

  2. Its a facts white media got offended and shit when we Puerto Ricans are black if we wasn't fat Joe and big pun wouldn't be legends and iv talked to Thurman because I'm a tampa bay resident ran into him at Soho and he even told me he didn't get offended he actually used the word nigga lol and said fuck the police lol

  3. Any man who keeps bringing up s fighters ethnicity is racist. He did it with Khan, Thurman and if you look back he also did this with Theophane and Peterson which went under the radar.

  4. First of all he said some racist shit but hey who hasn't. Doesn't make him a racist. This guy is good for boxing they need to let this guy run loose he generates attention. eveybody loves a bad guy. Danny Garcia might not be a top class fighter but he's dad is a good shit talker

  5. This dude is a straight up dumb ass what hell is wrong with him ? Dam I bet he's a crackhead or some dumb goofy person that believes his own BS. How pathetic makes the Latino look bad real talk

  6. This dope head is a racist but hey doesnt surprise me Karma bit them when Thurman whooped his ass after calling him a nigger. And he think just because he slept with some black women that he's not a racists, he is.

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