Andre Ward Says Mayweather-McGregor Will Go More Than One Round | First Take | June 30, 2017

Andre Ward joins First Take to talk about his boxing career, Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor, Gennady Golovkin vs. Canelo Alvarez and more.

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  • prophet muscle called this guy out

  • he's so smart, boxing is unpredictable anything can happen remember that


  • what is this !?!? the great value versions of Molly, Stephen A. and Max Kellerman ??

  • Andre WArd got some haterade. He said Diaz is a tough boxer period and Conor put him through a meat grinder haha. He just mad Conor is white.

  • Solid dude. Don't agree with how Weeks stopped the fight early and felt bad for Kov but you can't hate on SOG.

  • Very articulate guy

  • Andre Wards advice for Conor is to punch Floyd in the balls…works every time..

  • Mayweather is going to play with conor like a cat play with a little mouse before he eats him.

  • oooh the balls puncher lol

  • If the fight was mma danas pussy ass would only give the fighters $5 million each. Fuck Dana white

  • it's funny to hear people(casuals) talk about boxing. he said pound to pound and (knockout) Toney. it's pound for pound James lights out Toney. I love the publicity that boxing is getting but geez articulate it correctly.

  • I gotta give to ward he can beat you in other ways besides boxing, he scrambled kovalev's mental even before the 2nd fight took place which gave him the edge

  • 49-1 sorry

  • Andre got some good pussy waiting back home..ada King

  • Wow what a prediction

  • Andre ward showing up saved the show

  • gotta love Ward

  • He by L.B.K.O. (Low blow knockout)

  • Andre Low Blow Ward

  • John Sally is a prick….Ward should have punched his ass !! But i do love my Detroit Bad Boys !!

  • I wish more boxers had a personality like Andre's. I'll take class over flash seven days out of the week. But that's just me, I guess.

  • smart accurate talk from the Champ

  • Great fighter great boxing brain

  • Andre gets no props last two wins over that Russian left ugly tast in people mouth

  • who the fook are these guys on first take??? Boot leg Stephen A and Max Kellermen

  • They gave it to Horn

  • I like staley!

  • where is max and Stephen A.? fuck these guys

  • Andre low blow ward

  • Great interview from ward.

  • They are hyping the fight but its a shit fight

  • great preformance by the ref letting Ward wear Kovalev down with low blows. The man was bent over hugging his nuts in the end it was so blatant. Ward is a fraud champion. But he gets handed the belts because he's homeboy and 'muricka number 1

  • Mc gregor goes down and quits. Just the way he did against Nate Diaz.

  • it is true..make it awkward as you can… just like this up coming new boxer kid josh kelly mann he has those mma stands and typical boxer got frustrated.. all the know is boxing they dont realised smart mma fighter like conor making use on kicking angles into awkward punching angles they adapt thats wut they do best they adapt everything from ju jitsu, wrestling, kickboxing and also boxing…

  • Andre is great but wow p4p standards have fallen. He couldnt carry RJJ's gloves to the ring. where has all the skill gone

  • The dick puncher !

  • can maywetaher get past connors speed and defence and can connor get through maywetaher power shots thats the big question to a 50-5- fight

  • low blow ward