“The kid definitely had success early on…it looked like Manny came on…I don’t mind a close fight going one way or the other…I just don’t like when it’s a close fight and the scorecards are 6-8 rounds one way…that’s the part that you scratch your head about,” stated undefeated unified light heavyweight champion Andre Ward, who shared his thoughts on Manny Pacquiao’s controversial loss to Jeff Horn. Check it out!


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  • Manny got jerked. He will KO Horn in a rematch.

  • Andre ward looks like he has down syndrome. Damm mayweather must be legit if he never gets hit like these Brain dead fools

  • Manny won the fight I hate when people blame it on his age to throw everyone off that's bullshit not saying he's the same from years ago but he beat horns ass he's one of the legends in the sport he knows his shit… no we dont expect to him every match champs have their nights but hes one of the best you can't take away from Pac..

  • scumbag juice head cheater. coward is a fraud PUSSY. now hes going after bellews bum ass EXACTLY like his critics predicted he would bc hes a known coward. Couldn't make this stuff up.

  • They said Ward robbed Kov in the first fight so you can't listen to casuals who believe Manny only lost once in over 15 years.. Robbed by Bradley, Beat Floyd in slo mo, robbed by horn and lost to Marquez because he was juiced..

  • more SOG

  • dre ain't tryna say shit bout robberies 😂😂😂😂 he thinking of that 1st fight with kovalev

  • Now Ward and Horn can chat with each other about how they won their fights by ill gotten gain😂

  • Please go up to cruiserweight and fight Bellew so he can put you on your arse you dirty fighting cunt!

  • manny by split decision all day

  • should of asked about how he crushed crushers balls

  • Kovalev got robbed The first fight.

  • It wasn't a close fight it was an aggressive fight for Jeff Horn who's missing a lot of punches they were not clear as Manny. Jeff Horn head locks from beginning to 12th round and some elbows especially few head butts that made Manny head bleed. Other than that it was UFC throughout the fight. He was on the wrong sports. Horn should have fight Conor McGregor.

  • He's another fucking loser that's why he talks like that


  • I had it 116 to 112 for Horn. Horn was the aggressor taking the fight to Manny outworking him on the inside and busting him up against the ropes. Manny had a good rd 9, 10, and 11th rd. I also gave him rd 3 although I thought it was close and could have gone either way. I think unfortunately a lot of people are to easily swayed by the commentary and have to much of an emotional attachment and investment in a particular fighter that if they lose it's just to devastating for them to take, handle and deal with in their lives as so much of their lives are invested in that particular fighter so much so that it's as if they are living their lives through that particular fighter. That is why they will often reply back with anger and insults as opposed to concise articulate rational well thought out reasoning as to their opinion on why they believe Manny won the fight.

  • Manny CLEARLY LOST the fight.

  • you want a fake champ to call out fake fights in boxing LOL

  • he ought to know about controversy he got Christmas early
    the first Kova vs Ward lol

  • really believe manny lost that horn controlled the ring and had pacman on the ropes taking punches all night sure he got rocked a few times but he dealt with pacmans left better than I expected. manny was slow to react to everything especially early he was beat to the punch every exchange. people are blowing it way out of proportion and no I'm not a many hater that Bradley fight was a clean robbery. this was a very close fight. manny from 5 years ago would have killed horn. he looked old that night. no5 punch combos nothing a one two here and there. horn deserved it. manny will always be a legend but even legends get old.

  • Manny got robbed plan and simple the 117-111 score proves he needed a ko before the bell

  • Manny fought appallingly for his standards, but I still feel that he won the fight. However, that's the risk fighters take when they leave it to the judges.

  • Ward is speaking on a fight that, by his own admission, he had not watched thoroughly. Pacquiao lost that fight…and it has come as such a surprise, his fanbase are struggling to find excuses…especially as he was beaten by a relative no name. See, the fact that no one seems to be referring to is…if Pacquiao had made more of an effort to face the more renowned contenders in the division..even calling some of them out….he would not be in the situation he is in now. He had the option to have left Top Rank YEARS ago, when his contract expired. Did he do that? Nope. He chose to stay at Top Rank…and allow Arum to railroad his career. Now that things have derailed, Pacquiao is ready to finally throw Arum under the bus now…look to reverse decisions and open up investigations and all this other BS. The irony is that Pacquiao himself is partly to blame for what happened here; he spent all this time babysitting the title..then ends up losing it to a non marquee fighter. He made a strong effort to comeback in the later rounds of that fight..I'll give him that…but he was getting his ass whooped for a long set of rounds beforehand; that is undeniable. The dude simply needs to retire now…that much is clear.

  • Manny lost. Boxnation was right on this.

  • Manny lost clearly

  • 99% all over the world except the Kangaroo country beiieve Manny won. And those who take such position are not just ordinary funs but credible people like prominent boxers and analysts.

  • Ward don't wanna comment on robberies. Especially after his Kov fights.