“Sometimes we don’t realize that like we’re CEOs of a business and we’re the business…we have to make some tough decisions…and tough decisions are just that, they’re tough…somtimes you’re not popular when you make them…I would rather make the decision and trust my instincts…there’s gonna be some blowback no matter what you do,” stated future Hall of Famer Andre Ward, who shared his thoughts on fighters making tough decisions like changing trainers.



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  1. This is know one should hold others in high esteem. Like AB has done with Floyd, that's not his script to his career it was Floyd's. AB See's the material things and wasn't willing to put his career first at 140 Lbs and rule in that division instead he moved up into the welterweight division thinking he could become that divisions best fighter and lost and lost again. His handler's should have told him the truth instead of letting him move up in weight for destruction to happen to him, there is big money to be made in the light weights. AB was King of the ring at 140, know one could touch him, his undefeated record at 140 proves my point. His record in the welterweight division has had him be the laughing boy of boxing and y'all know I'm telling the truth, his record proves my point yet again. He's wasted his career by following Floyd it's not Floyd's fault is AB's fault. He needs some one honest that will tell him the truth know matter what! Even if AB gets angry and says get the fuck out of here, I know AB doesn't like the truth told to him it hurts but after while he calms down and realize it wasn't to hurt him it was to make him see himself. 140 pound division King is back look out! And to you shit talkers of this Man, fuck you y'all bitches and your women rule you if you even have one. Lol by you Hoes

  2. You all are idiots. The interviewer knows Adrien, his trainer and some of the people around them personally. He is trying to ask the question in a professional manner without damaging those relationships…..

  3. This video was obviously filmed before AB's latest social media melt down. AB is finished. He just gonna collect a few final checks, and then he will be forgotten about

  4. Bruh bronzer needs to start training wit Errol Spence trainer. His style of coaching is right up adriens alley. And being around some serious animals like Charlo and Spence will help his stupid ass focus

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