ANDRE WARD EXPLAINS HOW HE “DRAINED” KOVALEV UNTIL HE HIT HIM ON THE BUTTON: “RIGHT HAND FELT GOOD” was on hand at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, where unified light heavyweight champion Andre Ward proved that his first victory was no fluke, stopping former champion Sergey Kovalev in the 8th round. Check out the scene as Ward spoke more about his performance at the post-fight press conference.



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  1. These people with their negative ignorant comments about Andre Wards legal belt line body punches that Kovalev was bending down into all mad…lemme guess…You're white? LOL

  2. He was gonna stop Kovalev anyway if Weeks would've gave him a standing 8 or not, the inevitable was coming. Also, people keep saying Kovalev was ahead. For the record, Ledderman's scorecards mean nothing vs the three judges who 2 of em had Ward ahead on the cards so that's all that matters…he didn't need the judges anyway lol.

  3. I couldn't be more happier for a fighter by doin what he did last night. Dude has great character about him. Super humble and good dude. Congrats Ward, God bless and forget these haters. They don't wanna see a brotha shining. P4P best in the world !!

  4. I think it was more that andre wouldn't stop low blowing sergey so sergey literally had to keep his hands down, that horrible stoppage makes this whole fight invalid, sergey is still champ…

  5. Kovalev was bitching about shots right on the belt.  He couldn't take it.  He had no inside game and it killed him against Ward, an inside genius.  And that right hand emotionally rocked him.

  6. I was supporting Kovalev, the ref said the belt line is not low , go rewatch the fight. Every shot was belt line except the last one when Kovalev was bent over like a table. I hate that Kovalev quit , I thought them russians had heart. The ref stopped it too soon but Kovalev should blame himself this time.

  7. He drained him alright winding up hitting him on the nuts multiple times. His back acne also indicated steriod usage. Guy is a straight coward. And any many who calls himself son of god cheating surrounded by wannabe gangsters is a pos. Hes no kieth Thurman meaning a good representation of the sport.

  8. I really enjoyed him back in the super middleweight days. He hasn't impressed me ever since moving up. Hey, but he's racking up victories and we have to respect dude. #2 p4p. But that negrito cubano "el chacal" is the truth.

  9. White boys will always find all excuses as to why he got the brakes beaten off his racist pale ass. That racist piece of shit got his Whitepride hurt right in front of the whole world kids and particularly his wife(so disrespectful).
    First it was AJ drilling Vitamin Bitchko a new butthole, then Gervonta Davisannihilating Liam Walsh. So far so good, it's been a rough year for White race. Whites keep catching Ls from all angles.#Whitetearsmakegoodtea.
    For those who wanna say, "why does this have to be about race?" and all other denials, how about this instagram post your "whitepower" racist boxer(Kovalev) posted about his colored opponent depicting him as a monkey? what are your excuses for that? ohh! I guess it was a joke! fuck outta here white boy.
    It is about race and let's get it on because, sports like this the only place where we get to lay our hands on you and legally beat the crap out of you in front of your family and the whole world and even get paid millions for doing so. Can't wait till August 26th where Floyd get to expose that stereotypical over privileged/entitled white boy. We all know he knows he has no business in boxing but hey! he is entitled like I said, seeing a blackman pocket the biggest pay in sport's history in the Pacqiao fight he quickly said, I want a piece of what that "Nigger" has, I am White so I deserve it! not this Nigger". I can bet my life that is what Connor McDonalds said.Well, you will be elevated from Toyota Corolla money to Koenigsegg's money win or lose thanks to a blackman. The whiteboys know he would never be shit and would never enjoy the exposure,fame and money Floyd has if he keep fighting in a failed boxers' safehaven like MMA.

  10. 'Yeah man, those punches in the nuts will drain 'em good, slow 'em down, then you can catch him upstairs. I like to finish with a hard nut combo, and hope the ref waves it off. 60% of the time it works, every time.' – AW

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