Amid Cam’ron Controversy Mase Pays Unexpected Visit To Angie Martinez

We this is one interview we definitely didn’t see coming. Mase finally breaks his silence when it comes to it all!

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  1. It takes real maturity to understand what Mase is speaking on. If you watched this interview for juicy tid bits you gonna miss the jewels, which are worth way more. Shoutout to the G. He a real one.

  2. Why is this nigga up there. He's not answering anything. He's jus talking around shit. Smh I don't know maybe it's me. I understand that he's not trying to incriminate hisself but Damn answer something.

  3. Anytime a man keeps repeating the phrase "as a man" he doubts that he is a man. Not sure what's going on with him and Camron but he didn't clear up shit with this interview. Go away dude.

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