Amanda Seales Gives Her Seal of Approval!

Do you agree or disagree?



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  1. I kinda feel like A is sort of threatened by this guest. The micro expresations, and the need to go along with her dancing on 2:46 when the audience starts clapping. I love A, no one can’t unscrew your light bulb 💡, but you! Shine bright baby!

    And this woman would be a great addition to the show! Some of y’all saying she needs to replace A… umm no! A needs to stay!

  2. Flu shot is a fucking experiment. You get the flu shot to get the flu a few days later. That never made fucking sense to me.I remember they said they have new flu shots I was like O.o what? Lol. Don't get me wrong,if you get the flu shot hey that's great. Me personally don't get one,never did and never will.

  3. I love Amanda damnnnn i didn't even know her before but she is spitting truth…AUTHENTIC. everyone should pay attention to that…that's why we like her least I do, my opinion, doesn't have to be accepted, that's okay! but yesss Amanda

  4. Producers of The Real…don't tell me you do not see the magic happening on this couch. The only thing that needs a seal of approval is this lady's permanent seat at the girl chat table.

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