Allison Janney on What Tonya Harding Thinks of ‘I, Tonya’

Emmy winner Allison Janney confessed to Ellen that all she wanted to do was give Olympic skater Tonya Harding a hug after meeting her for the first time at the premiere of Allison’s new movie, “I, Tonya.”



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  1. i just learned about tonya harding story lately, i start searching about her. though people hate on her but honestly she is a role model to me because she felt into the lowest point of her life where she lost her dream and career but she fought to get back up in a different direction.

  2. I have no prior knowledge of Tonya before this interview on Ellen promoting the movie, but I do know that all 'villians' are complex individuals and its one of the reasons I tend to favor them more than the 'heroes', from both a fictional and real life stand point. Most of it stems from relations with my own mother, which I can relate, because she wasn't a nice person but she had a lot of shit thrown at her from a young age and it never stopped. It was tough growing up with a woman so closed off to love and yet I never faulted her for a second because I could see the pain she had to endure. And it only made me love her more. People aren't always what you see on the surface. I'm intrigued about Tonya and this portrayal, I'll do the research but I also can't wait to see this movie. Thank you for your perspective, Ellen 💖

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  4. Finally, after two long decades, people are now realizing Tonya Harding was the innocent victim in all of this.  Thank you, Ellen and Allison, for defending Tonya's reputation and character.  Tonya Harding forever!!!

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