Akeem Browder On Running For NYC Mayor, Kalief & Past

Kalief Browders brother speaks on why closing Rikers is not a solution, why Bill de Blasio is not helping, and what he intends to do about it.
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  • first… who cares lol

  • Salute Akeem. Keep fighting in your brother's memory.


  • This nigga is a registered Bill Cosby

  • no one thought he raped anyone if you watched the documentary

  • you guys have to do more research before you speak on criminal justice reform. alot of things said were not true at all. these are the type of dialogues that are holding us back from true progress. you have to speak 100% fact or else people stop listening.

  • As Star in the morning would say : Oh no honey

  • So what's gonna happen is, Akeem's gonna run and divide up the progressive vote and the republican will take advantage of that and win…..and make criminal justice reform even worse than it is now. that's basically the story of america in short. say hi to Jeff Sessions. If these far-right extremists like richard spencer can take over the republican party, then we can definitely take over the democratic party on a platform of progress and criminal justice reform.

  • The DJ does a nice job of trying to get clear statements. A. Browder is good, but he could be more clear and direct. He shouldn't say "so" when he starts answering a question.

  • You lames talking about he's a registered sex offender. Stop acting like crackers. He was 15 and she was 12. Stop acting like he was a fucking pedo.

  • Don't mean to bring down a fellow minority but this nigga will never ever EVER become the Mayor of New York City. He must be smoking angel dust to think that's possible.

  • I thought its 21 Savage on the thumbnail lma

  • Great interview.

  • He doesn't do a good job of explaining things. So can kids under 18 go to an adult prison facility in NY or no???? Did he sodomize a 12 yr old girl or not???? Anyway, I appreciate his actions in the city.

  • The problem with the internet is that you guys look for the bad before the good. DO YOU SEE ALL THAT HE'S DOING ? FOR HIS COMMUNITY? FOR US? WTF SEX OFFENDER ? MANNN