“Man all these mfs unappreciative as fuck I work so hard I can kill myself just to make sure all these mfs straight and every time I MF try to act like I’m a bad guy and run out the back door on me! Man I will give up my last if a Mf needed it bra I’m tired of this shit I’m bout to worry about me man FUCK everybody man I dam near messed my whole career up trying to provide and help everybody else man it’s time to focus on ME,” stated multi-division former world champion Adrien Broner, who recently erupted on social media with a series of threats after claiming extortion. Check it out!



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  1. Bruh i really feel bad, rock stars off themselves and it's all "talk to someone, #fuckdepression, #youmatter, etc" but we look at AB and other black male stars like they just wildin or unappreciative but in reality they come from more stressful situations and are dealing with more personal drama than a lot of these rock stars. If you really look at his behavior from young until now you can see it, from all the clowning to these breakdowns he definitely got some pain and mental trauma inside hes trying to find a way to deal with. Hope he can get help and stay on track career wise because he was doing good and seemed rededicated to boxing. He need to make sure all his paperwork good on child support etc and just do him for a bit to get sorted

  2. I guess when everybody in ya pockets and once he calmed down he realized he all by himself. He did it to himself so he says fuck everybody now. I guess this how he mentally prepares for a fight.

  3. broner is a closet homosexual or bisexual who can't come to terms with it, that's why he got all those baby mommas to try to make him look like he is some macho guy shit, there I said it.

  4. Everytime this clown needs attention he starts talking shit smh. A real nigga that wanna kill their self don't talk they do it. Don't kill urself Omar will gladly kill u in the ring lol.

  5. He keeping it real tho got dudes behind him rolling around with him acting like they care that's why he said gonna fight and buy Sam a new house..But at the end of the day he got to realize it's business and they ain't family, nd I think he starting to realize that now

  6. Ever since Adrien Broner loss he didn't know how to deal with it I think that's haunted him more than anything he could live up to his expectations you try to be so hard like Mayweather and didn't have the discipline or the work at the to do it

  7. This is what happens when you abandon a monkey in the zoo. Somebody needs to put him on check. He has so much talent. I was his biggest fan at one point in time. Its a dam shame. If he keeps acting like a porch monkey, this nigger is going to get hurt.

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