Adrian Marcel On Finally Putting Out A Full Album, Performs His Song ‘No Limit’

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  • Hes so damn sexy. One of my favorite artist

  • what basketball team he play for

  • You betta Sang Adrian!!!! Come Thru!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Amazing

  • Where this nigga been, his buzz has died tremendously….hope he gets it back cuz he's talented and I love his first single

  • Wow😍😍

  • Paranormal pussy 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️😂😂🤣🤣

  • Definitely checking out album after this🔥

  • 10:57 – Charlemagne

  • yesssss to that snippet he can sang

  • They just put that brother in position to win this is dope

  • well damn …. buying his cd for sure

  • Y'all needa put some respek on this man Adrian Marcel name!!!

  • shout out to da white homie on da guitar he got off

  • needs to get there…

  • Been rocking with him since 7 Dayz of Weak.. Turned many people on to him, "My Life" was the truth.

  • Man I don't know about this Charlamagne guy, the way he looking at ol boy @ 8:50 seems a little suspect

  • A.M Albums ALWAYS SOLID #realtalk never a bad buy worth every Dollar!

  • Dam I ain't know he could sing like that

  • Am I buggin or is Charlemagne getting dark again 😢😢

  • keep doing yo thang fam..

  • that's called a succubus char. you was spiritually raped lol

  • This dude is so bomb. I have a couple of his mixtapes/EP's. He has a great voice suited for R&B. He's so underrated, tho.

  • my souls been begging for that sensual connection in music to be restored.

  • shout out to the guitarist

  • Mmmmm I love me some him

  • An RnB singer who actually sings about love and respect for women! Get it Adrian!

  • Love you Adrian!!!!! 💖

  • Adrian had to get braids because Jidenna came in and stole his pretty boy swag lol

    The whole Black conversation leads me to believe he IS biracial with a black mom and a foreign/white father who he has no relationship with.
    Oh yeah. HE CAN SANG!!!!! 24:1124:23 had me in my feelings lol

  • Everything Adrian has put out, 7 days of weak, week after next, 50 shades of adrian, other singles and GMFU all of it gold! Love you Adrian keep putting your beautiful soul into your music it shines man!

  • This guy is super talented better than c.b personally 2am banger!

  • I wanna grab the album in cd

  • He's amazing