Aaron Carter Mocks Shia Lebouf After DUI Arrest, Gets A DUI Later That Week

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  • Ctg u just don't couch one if u do we ll crown u donkey of the year

  • The only thing I remember about Arron Carter is him saying his rap music doesn't have cursing in it to put down the true rappers Twenty years ago

  • he's aging like a banana

  • Aaron carters new job is basically setting up Deadmau5's new electronics / being Deadmau5's punching bag for any video game he feels like playing ahaha


  • If I call an Uber because i've been drinking, what do I do with my car?

  • Of course they showed the clip from Lizzie McGuire

  • DUI for smoking weed. Not alcohol

  • I remember that damn episode of lizzie McGuire man. this my damn childhood right here. 1:05

  • Remember when he beat Shaq?

  • Same state

  • Watch charlamagne gets a DUI

  • I thought that was my b- rat from malibu up in the thumbnail Lmao

  • You done messed up A-A-Ron!

  • I remember 3 or 4 years ago when he would put his # on twitter and tell girl fans to text him and would ask for nudes (didn't ask how old they were or anything)

  • i want candy was the shit

  • The Chocolate Charlamagne Is back..

  • Thanks to this video I finally found out that the one who sang "I want candy" is a male

  • i hope Charlamagne gets a DUI

  • I Want candy was my shit, hahahahahahahahahha

  • He was right that you ain't gonna catch him on a DUI cuz he just gonna refuse it. This boy smaht.

  • Another way to avoid a DUI is to pop a mint in your mouth and drive the back streets home

  • clearly he's an idiot he thinks Shia Lebouf might be a genius

  • Karma

  • Aaron Carter is just washed-up boi pussy