A Newsworthy Clapback!

What’s the classiest clapback you’ve heard?



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  1. Yet you ladies yourselves love to throw shade at white women ect. especially Loni. Love the show for the most part, but I ain't here for that kind of hypocritical behavior…

  2. Adrienne, why would you be surprised? Oh and LONI? GURL!!! I loooovveee you! You're hilarious. You're the kind of woman I could sit down with with some WINE and just bullshit with. We're actually the same age too!

  3. I am in no way justifying any of this behavior. It was absolutely atrocious and ridiculous to say at the least. However, we black women and men need to stop using that word amongst our own community. We need to uplift our own

  4. My thoughts, nobody should use the 'N' word period! It's a negative word and shouldn't be normalized at all otherwise, you cannot in all fairness and sensibly tell any one that's a bad word for you to say because you have a different color of skin. beats the purpose. I'm definitely not buying an African descent is 'incapable' of being racist. If you believe in humanity, you lead by example and tackle the mountain when it comes to you.
    What I'm about to say might touch nerves, what happened 400yrs ago happened, punishing or constantly reminding the world in 2017 as if you deserve any kind of special treatment just cause I feel like is one of the things that keeps division alive. When anyone feel constantly attacked because of something that was beyond them they tend to attack back, be defensive and in this case sometimes these people will feel like there are sides to choose and it sure as hell not going to be the supposed 'attacker' side. We all need to remember we are one human race, color is really a non-factor. And yes, racist people still exist but we can't solve that issue by aggravating it. Neither can you go around throwing that word around because someone with a different color skin had a different opinion or thought to your expectations just for the sheer reason of guilting them to do what you want.

  5. I love you Adrienne, but there is no reason why anybody should think that stuff like this doesn't still exist. We were slave and slave master for 400 years and today there are still schools in Mississippi fighting to be desegregated. We've come far but we still have a long way to go. Making slavery and segregation illegal doesn't mean people are just going to throw out what they've been conditioned to believe for over 400 years.

  6. We shouldn’t be expected to be poised or classy to racist but good for that journalist. Couldn’t be me tho I would’ve tore her a new one right on that tv daring anyone to say something 🤷🏾‍♀️

  7. the same goes for rappers…we gotta do better. its not ok for anyone to use that word. when we say it to ourselves we are teaching ppl how to treat us. the sting has not been removed when another black person says it. you teach ppl how to treat you by how u treat u.

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