A.J. Andrews’ Muscles Make Her Who She Is In The 2017 Body Issue | ESPN

A.J. Andrews has always had a penchant for spectacular diving catches in the outfield, and last year she became the first female Gold Glove recipient. Along the way, she had to learn to appreciate her athletic physique.

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  • She's a blacker Nicki Minaj with a real body

  • Did she really receive hate for being strong? That's not right, this chick is hot af.

  • D W

    Aj Andrews >>> Serena Williams

  • Nah she probably got a dick

  • ESPN just wants an excuse to see people naked.

  • Many today are Focused more on making their physical bodies "prettier" …instead of Focusing on making their inner Spiritual side stronger
    …Sad, dont let this wicked world mold you, Jesus is coming soon my friends…

  • She can get it ' but im tired NJ of hearin bout "muscles"

  • I would love to see women play mlb baseball. it would completely revive the sport. it's not a contact sport. no reason to be segregated. by the way i can't wait until my show pitch comes back on.

  • 👀

  • I'll fuck simple

  • Beautiful physique

  • I'm tryin to see the whole titty cuh


  • dime

  • Drop dead gorgeous. Look at all that melanin… LAWD!

  • She's amazing!

  • You look like a woman. I don't think that anyone is thinking that your muscle is manly.

  • ma a mini female bo jackson

  • She look way better in her uniform which is werid but I ain't mad

  • No weave and tattoos and not fat? You sure she black? someone help me.

  • Black is beautiful ⚾️❤️

  • stay at 0: 28 really just pause

  • dat ass tho @0:27

  • why is espn just taking nude vids and everything on people today 😲????

  • there should be no shame in black women with muscles. there is no progress in shaming women with muscles and in shaming women who are overweight. she is beautiful. and her muscles are a part of that. though i will note that these women with the ultimate body builder physique don't really do it for me. like Hulk Hogan type bodies. but also. some guys low-key like that too

  • wow so proud of her!#blackgirlmagic

  • Nigga that's victor oladipo

  • what type of nonsense is this. .

    *grabs lotion *

  • Put God 1st in your life, put God 1st in your marriage & sex belong in marriage, ask yourself does your lifestyle fall under heaven or hell, does your lifestyle represents God or satan ⏳

  • I have always gone for athletic women. I have no idea who she is, but she is quite lovely and fit

  • As if your muscles looked manly

  • She must give incredible handjobs.

  • Please sit on my face.

  • She bad

  • Stunning

  • ESPN the MAGAZINE: Shoving Muscular Women in our Faces Since 2009

  • Damn she bad asl

  • Beautiful

  • One of the most beautiful women I've ever seen

  • Hot chocolate 🍫🍫🍫

  • Manly facial structure

  • Her smile is everything. Beautiful. And we play the same position (even though, im not professional or collegiate)…. she fucking amazing

  • ESPN Has lost its mind! The magazine has added itself to the growing list of pornographers.