A.C. Green: Iron Virgin | 30 For 30 Shorts | ESPN Stories

A.C. Green played in an NBA-record 1,192 consecutive games and won three NBA titles. What’s even more impressive is how he managed to navigate the world of the NBA while holding on to his devout Christian beliefs, staying celibate until he finally married at the age of 38.

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  • Christianity has been brainwashing people for centuries. just because u drink, smoke, and slay pussy doesn't mean ur gonna burn in a fiery pit for an eternity. there ain't no Heaven and there ain't no Hell. We all go to the same place when we die. to the eternal darkness

  • so much pussy potential wasted

  • When I was younger I didn't get it. Now I see…what woman would wanna fuck this ugly ass weirdo?!

  • Duuuuummmmmmyyyyy!!

  • Wtf man Christianity brainwashed you to not get bitches mannnnn and all the pussy just waiting to be fucked by a laker in that era man damn that ain't right

  • He's a better man me 😅. I respect the fact that he stuck to his guns and, by what it seems, didn't push his beliefs on those who didn't want to listen but instead just lived them. I have no doubt that he was & is still genuinely happy

  • That nigga couldn't accept the fact that he was gay so he used his religion as an excuse to suppress it. Classic situation with religious gays

  • The nut that was waiting to be busted.

  • "hey man you should try this abstinence thing out i think it'll do you some good"- A.C Green
    "hahahahahahaahhahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahaah"- magic johnson

  • Well , Magic had the virus because he was reckless unlike A.C.
    Props to him for sticking to his beliefs.

  • 271'st

  • Look at all the great things AC Green missed out on because he waited until marriage to have sex: never getting out of poverty, never finding your true purpose in life, never finding your soulmate, stds, children out of wedlock, child support, homosexuality, dying alone, falsely accused of rape which leads to imprisonment, unwillingly raising children that are not yours, setup to be robbed and murdered, unwillingly sleeping with a minor, failed marriages,

  • This is complete BS yeah right.

  • Noo. NOOOOO! Stop please; I'm a virgin.

  • Where the white women at.

  • He looks like Draymond Green's dad.

  • You look like A.C. Green…

  • Thats crazy smh and to think that Magic got Aids from swimming in LA pussy(no diss to king Magic)

  • Really? You were in the god damn nba and u passed all that ass up. They need to create a new type of heaven for my guy, salute

  • "I think that Jesus would of been the type of basketball player that was unstoppable."
    AC Green

    Isn't the answer to that one no shit? lol

  • Who else is wondering if the THOT who gave Magic HIV is on any of this retro footage?

  • I hate to see people just clown the guy. This fucking planet, I swear..

  • that nut must've been huge

  • why he ain't pray for magic though?

  • Come on AC at least you could of gotten a hand job lol

  • 1:24 Is the reason he was a virgin for 38 years

  • 2:18 look at the "dancing"

  • It's all about women I swear haha

  • Just imagine that first night after he got married hahah oh man, he murdered her hahaha

  • He look like Eddie Murphy off Bowfinger at 1:28

  • Nigga is a fool. After King David sinned with Bathsheba God said to David if you had only asked "I" (God) would have given you more wives. God gave him made hoes lmao

  • Couldn't been around that much pussy and not get any

  • you look like AC Green. Love don't live here anymore. 😂😂😂

  • Jerry West is awesome

  • Nigga played in LA in a era where these bitches couldn't try an expose on social media and he still remained true

  • 3:38 I think Jesus would have been the kind of basketball player that would have been unstoppable… LOL!!!!!!!! Yeah, man… Jesus… 100% from the 3 point line every night. EVERY board on both ends. Quintuple double EVERY night. Steal any time he wants. Block every shot. Shut down every offensive player in every game. Mad skills. Super sick handles. Nobody could stop Jesus on the blocks. Wins the dunk contest EVERY year for eternity. League MVP and playoff MVP EVERY YEAR for eternity!

  • Bitch you look like AC green… don't come here anymore.

  • GAY

  • Im just glad people still remember him like i do. #lakersforlife

  • Can't even picture his time lol it was probably like someone ran of a fire hydrant