50 Cent Says Tupac ‘All Eyez on Me’ movie was TRASH and he saw a iPhone 7s in the film.


DJ Akademiks Speaks on 50 Cent saying Tupac ‘All Eyez on Me’ movie was TRASH and he saw a iPhone 7s in the film.
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  • Demitrius Shipp did his thing.. good actor.. he held down the movements of Pac and all that but support black films

  • bro you pussy & easily influenced. Watch the Movie twice!!

  • I saw this movie and knew it was trash the moment when Pack hit the nae nae.

  • akadimks u a lame tha moive was dope and you just side with anyone you wouldn't know a great moive if it slapped you in the face stop downing pac for for real for this video you made you a bitch

  • shit was terrible!

  • It's fucking trash. That's all. Like if you agree.

  • People in the theater laughed when they heard snoop's voice over….I wanted to walk out😡👎

  • Bra they need to just let John singleton direct all these good black hood movies 👍🏾

  • Disappointed after all this hype smh

  • Cuzz fucc this fake ass movie about my nigga

  • tupac is garbage how do you expect a movie to be good when it's based on a nigga who claims west coast but isn't from Cali how the fuck does that make sense?

  • hey 50 if we survived Get Rich or Die Trying we can survive All Eyez on ME.

  • Everyone saying that, yet there's no proof that they saw an iPhone. Not pics or nothing 😂

  • I thought it was a good movie these nigga Akademiks talkin some criticism like he studied film in college aha

  • you do hip hop so it's a hip hop movie review. I'M OUT!

  • We all knew it was going to suck. I mean… is anyone surprised?

  • The movie was average at best. Expected a lot more than what was presented and at certain points, a lot of important details were left out.

  • I rather for them to have fucked up on the straight out of Compton movie than tupac

  • bul shit …the movie was bullshit

  • $12… nigga what movie theatre you going to?

  • I wonder what javele McGee has to say about the movie.

  • iPhone 7s? there's no iPhone 7s out yet.

  • the movie was not to honor 2pac what the fuck was that ! sad! I thought it would be lit boy was I wrong!

  • i dont like it either

  • lmao fidget spinner and iphone

  • Pac always was ahead of his time tho lol

  • I also heard 2pac has an Xbox one x up in this film as well.

  • i heard there was an Instagram

  • Definition of a goofy


  • Don't let this distract u from the fact that Illuminati killed tupacs mom #staywoke #fuckthemedia

  • The only part of the movie I like is when after the picture with the iPhone, He went live on facebook and diss wack 100

  • DAMN…..I don't know how to feel right now