4:44 JAY-Z Album + Throwbacks in Megan Ryte’s Mix LIVE @ HOT 97

4:44 JAY-Z Album + Throwbacks in Megan Ryte’s Mix HOT 97 Live.

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  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • she turnt up

  • Megan Ryte Lemme taste ya ass one time baby…

    Lol Na but Dope Mix Beloved

  • so sexy she is fire on the 1s n2s

  • Dope ass mix from one deejay to the next. Very motivating

  • Hov is back….much love to Gloria Carter from Lagos Nigeria.

  • ATL just lost… NYC just got the Crown Back…..It was a good run ATL….

  • 🐐

  • hot97 baby!

  • Nice mix I love it….what is that on her side a birth mark or a tat?

  • I don't know how but I'm gonna get Megan Ryte pregnant in her asshole. 😘

  • She screwed up, if you started with jayz be consistent why put the remix and not the original track with jays verse not mop. That was wack

  • Jayz is the Micheal Jordan of hip hop.

  • No skills at all

  • s s

    I heard it live yesterday. nice. Megan, you made a name for yourself with this one.

    Fuck them hatter's!!!!!!

  • dat ass tho

  • Kill the negative comments, she's working and she's nyce!

  • Megan reppin H Town

  • yo she go a nice Ass!

  • The king is back. Kendrick sit down.

  • come again Jz

  • Peeped this twice. Shouts, love and positivity to her. She look very comfortable on such a wide spread setup, mix was good. Feelin it. Of course there are the negative and the haters saying she sucked, she wack… expected. Haters gon' hate, it's what they're suppose to do. -duh. She hosting a dj show, mixing tracks while debuting Jay's new project SHE'S NOT AT A DJ BATTLE COMPETITION fuckin dumbasses. Some ppl know they suck at life so they show no love at others doing the damn thing MISTAKES OR FLAWLESS, haters love to hate. As a dj, i show love to others in life when they stumble or fuck up, it's corrective criticism you send… NOT HATE. -blessings yall.

  • this mix sucks lost of time DONT mess with a master piece.

  • Nice transitions. #femaleskillingit

  • Nice mix miss you just earned yourself a new fan.

  • she did her thang!!

  • this mix is fire
    and Megan is looking Ryte
    W's all around