43% Of College Women Report Experiencing Abusive Dating Behaviors

#sponsored February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month, and we’re telling you how you can educate yourself on the issue while working to raise awareness in your community.



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  1. FINALLY! Need more awareness on this issue because it's way more common than you think. I am a survivor of physical, emotional, and mental abuse from a relationship that began when I was 17 and ended just November 2017. I'm now 24 and have too many scars to count. But I'm ALIVE AND LOVED. Never will go back to him EVER!

  2. Im a junior in high school and we were talking about this issue this week and talk about the importance of making sure to tell someone about abuse in a relationship whether its you or someone you know…💗

  3. I remember when my mother told me, young teen girls shouldn't be having sex period whether it's someone their age or older. I'm not for promiscuity but I wondered why she took this stance. She then told me that she had see too many girls be hurt by what boys do which was no different then an older predatory adult which is coerce them into having sex.

    Girls in her school would trade sexual favours for love with "hot" boys believing that this is what love is. It wasn't until I went out an became a teacher of my own that I saw it. I have always presented myself as the teacher that they could come and talk to and many did. I remember one girl saying, "he said he'd love me if I gave him a blowjob but I saw him with so and so yesterday. He just used me."

    Many boys and girls get into sex without even understanding what it is. And in this day and age where we seem to encourage teen sex even more, I don't see how we could protect the emotions of girls and boys who find themselves in terrible situations.

    I heard of boys hitting girls when they refused to have sex with them. It's very damaging.

    Over the years I've come to the conclusion that on average, teenaged girls, especially young, don't have the power to consent.

    People throw a fit over an older person being with a minor, I do as well, because adults such as those manipulate the impressionable young mind. But I've seen this exact same behavior from many teen boys. Some might be surprised, but the truth is, sex is addictive and to get what they want, people will lie and manipulate. It's just the nature of all humans.

  4. i am so glad to see this i have never heard of this and i will definatly be wearing orange but something i do want to have you ladies talk about is abortion, i recently went through an abortion at 27 weeks along, it was literally the hardest thing i have ever been through and i feel like i am alone which i know sounds crazy because i know that many women have gone through this procedure but i just want to bring the subject up and let other girls know who are going through the same thing that you arent alone and even though this seems like the hardest thing you have ever had to deal with that you arent alone

  5. I am not telling anyone how to parent their child because I know parents do not care for advice not asked but please talk to your children about dating if you consent to them dating below the age of 18. How about extending the talk to the common college years. If some of the parents know what some  their children are peered pressure to do at university they would flip in horror.

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