Max Kellerman: Mayweather-McGregor is all about the money | First Take | ESPN

First Take’s Max Kellerman says the Floyd Mayweather-Conor McGregor megafight is all about the money.

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  1. Boxing is dying because of all the cherry picking going on. Everyone wants to see the best fight the best and that never happens in boxing anymore until now that boxing is almost dead.

    Why was boxing so big before????? Because the best would fight the best!!! Now you have so many belts its fucking stupid!! No one even knows who the fuck is a champion anymore seems like everyone is a champion how the fuck does that work? Boxing needs to be fixed because its a complete mess! They need to eliminate belts and only keep 3 belts per weight class. WBC, WBO, IBF titles should be the only ones allowed.

    Danny Garcia is the perfect example of whats wrong with boxing! He is the biggest fucking cherry picker in the sport today!

  2. If it was all about the money, why would you choose to risk life and limb when you could just go to wall street? Is money a part of it? Sure, but I guarantee it's about more than that for at least one of these guys, the one not self nicknamed "money." This is where small minds go when they can't understand life being about bigger things than numbers in a computer or on a piece of paper.

  3. Floyd need the money owes taxes with his rich dumbass and Connor come on man his leaving his left and right leg out of it and any other martial art hr knows but he gonna knock out Floyd

  4. Can someone please give me one single example of a feature fight in your lifetime or mine that wasn't "all about the money?" This argument is just moronic. Boxing is all about money. MMA is all about money. 99% of professional sports is all about money. Am I missing something? You want boxing "purity", go down to your local gym and watch the no-name guys beating each others' brains out. Beyond that, it's about money. Period.

  5. The only thought I can process is the reaction of this entire world when Conor sleeps Floyd this would be the only upset in sports history that can surpass warriors blowing a 3-1 lead

  6. Conor already loss in the UFC to Nate Diaz who hasn't been that great in his UFC career. He took the fight within days notice, nobody had to cut weight…McG had a full camp and still loss! Conor best win is against Aldo.

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