Beverly Bond Discusses Black Girls Rock Awards, Coming Up As A DJ & More

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  1. I don't understand why black men are so critical when they have organizations and foundations dedicated to them. Obama created My Brother's Keeper and elected black male influencers to help guide the initiative. Black men didn't like it when black women complained because they wanted their own space. But somehow many of them are upset about Black Girl's Rock. They can have something for themselves but we can't.

  2. Black Girls Rock is an inaccurate generalization. Not all black girls rock. Many of them do not rock. And being black is not the cause of being a girl that rocks.

  3. It will so nice if this woman could go into black community of the normal give a shine or awards to them black woman that don't have a mainstream voice to be heard but doing things in they community… Beverly bond she name the same black women that been getting shine for years ….

  4. White people in these comments so mad about Black Girls Rock, talking about what if white girls rock? The funny thing is, we don't come to your platforms stalking yall and what yall into, BUT YALL COME TO OUR BLACK PLATFORMS STALKING US! ALL DAY, EVERYDAY, OBSSESSED!!!!!!!

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