First Take Reacts To LeBron James’ Cryptic Social Media Posts | First Take | ESPN

The First Take crew reacts to Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James’ cryptic social media posts.

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  1. It does mean that LeBron is trying to show to the world that he feels he was stabbed in the back by his teammate, and he want to be seen in a public eye as a innocent, fair play role model. But the truth is, in my opinion, that he was too focused on chasing ' the GOAT' or the ghost ( in other word Michael Jordan), that he forgot that the basketball is a team sport. There is no passion for the game in him, only stats matter. Probably Kyrie or others tried to tell him that, but he wasn't listening, now he has the only choice between finding himself in a basketball, or pursuit unreal, that is MJ. All he does will make a mark on his legacy, included cryptic language!

  2. Lebron started his career winning no titles, then he made the decision to ride the waves of Dwayne wade who won a championship comes ray Allen who hit the saving shot for him to win a championship then kyrie Irving hit a winning shot to win a championship you ride the waves of playmakers without these guys you would have no titles

  3. Lebron Tweet: [A banana and shit emoji]

    Stephen A: Obviously, this is a swipe at Kyrie Erving.
    [After 20 mins. of talking]
    Stephen A: You know what! You know what! I respect him for that.

  4. It beats me that the alleged best basketball player in the world can be so childish and fickle.
    This is the kind of behaviour that gets a child whupped, and now we have to accept it from a grown-ass man and role model?
    It's no wonder Kyrie doesn't want to play with or be around him.

  5. poor kyrie… this is what i call oppression…you don't have any right to pursuit a dream….you need to stay with lebron..but in other hand lebron has the right to leave and come back whenever he wants….kyrie can't maybe win a title without lebron but he could do it with Porzigis or Karl anthony towns or whiteside….who knows…this man has the right to play without lebron…WTF

  6. that wasnt what he meant…wtf is stephen a talking bout…riding a wave is a nigga trying to be like u in everything u do …a nigga jumping on ur bandwagon eating off ur plate… like bench riders waiting on u to lead them to tha promise land

  7. In the east, there is definitely other players you could replace Lebron with and make the finals 3 straight years. Would have to be very good players but there are a few with that roster that could do it.

  8. LeBron is like the John Cena of the NBA…..People hate him because he has been an elite player for so long and want to see the next superstar take control. Some fans love him som hate him but I guarantee all of them will miss him when he's gone.

  9. Steven A misinterpreted this. This is a shot a Kyrie. Make no mistake. "Never Let Anyone Ride Your Wave" means do not anyone else ride the coat tails of your greatness. Shots fired.

  10. I hate hearing STEVEN A SMITH…. he sucks his opinions are relevant cuz. he's been on LeBron dick 4 years just like BITCH ASS mayweather since I hate those 2 fuckers his opinion is irrelevant….

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