First Take Reacts To Floyd Mayweather’s Interview With Stephen A. Smith | First Take | ESPN

First Take’s Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman react to Floyd Mayweather’s interview with Stephen A. from Las Vegas.

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  1. ESPN allowing Stephen A Smith to entertain the ridiculous lies that came out of MayWeather's mouth about McGregor supposedly calling MayWeather and blacks monkeys stoops to an all time low and puts ESPN on the same level as Fox News…get a fucking life

  2. Definitely not a fan of Floyd Mayweather his style of boxing even though I'm a boxing Enthusiast box for 16 years taught boxing and Muay Thai for 4!!


    I must say in this interview I love what he says I hope he does go after McGregor and be a freaking man for once and box the way that fans want to see boxing that have giving him millions and millions of dollars for once in your life Mayweather fight like a man give the audience what they want to see you have nothing to worry about Conor McGregor with boxing gloves on has been knocked out by boxing sparring partners, sparring partners have already said McGregor's not that great of a boxer, with his boxing gloves on he's slow, lethargic, loses a lot of his power..

    You have no excuse Mayweather to go in and kick ass and represent boxing even though I like Conor McGregor's personality and what he represents you need to teach him what it's like to be a boxer it's a different sport, there's something special about knuckling it up like back in the day using only two hands it's much more of a science there's more rules…

    There's no MMA fight that will ever bring the attention that too charismatic boxes that everybody want to see fight will bring the money that those type of fights brings in boxing guaranteed 6 days a week and twice on Sunday MMA and UFC will never even be able to come close bringing in that much revenue that is a fact not opinion!!

    UC boxing's Not Dead it's that we're missing great charismatic Fighters that's all as soon as you put them in the rain people want to see that more than anything else in the world just like they did with Mayweather Pacquiao and many other fights through the past nothing absolutely nothing brings more attention than that type of a boxing match!!!

    MMA it's tough very tough much respect but because of the nature of the Beast with all this great talent out there they will be Champions continuously switching hands over and over and over again which is not what people want they want to look up to something and Let It Be A Champion for a long time.

    In MMA and UFC there is just too much of this person beating that person but yet this person can be that person but that person could be that person who beat that person blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah that almost never happens in boxing because it's more of a science just using two hands!!

    That's my long-winded statement peace out!!


  3. Floyd has been trying to sell this fight by praising Conor – even before the deal was done. It will be a failure if it only sold 2million ppv buys. They would want AT LEAST 3milion buys. They would be secretly hoping for it to outsell Mayweather-Pacquiao.

  4. Cry baby cry it's looks like poor little Floyd is turning yellow. Getting a little scared ha ha ha. You all will see this is not no ordinary boxing match. This is going down like a no holds barred street fight. One of them is going down very fast in a very few short rounds. That favor McGregor ha, ha, ha. Bring your pillow Floyd for nap time.

  5. Lol they already got pre-made rationalizations like:
    "if Conor last 12 rounds (then in my mind), he won"
    "if Conor don't get knocked out (then in my mind), he won"
    "If Conor don't get knocked down (then in my mind), he won"

    Won what? Okay sure bro.


  7. this all access has given me a better inside view of Floyd and I have a new sense of respect for the man. Wish he showed this side. I understand you have to sell a fight, but nobody knew how personable and how much of a good person he may be. Now I cant wait for him to stop referring to himself in third person.

  8. LOL Even though it's obvious that Floyd is going to win, don't believe this nigga about going toe to toe and trading shots with McGregor. Floyd is going to be Floyd just like his past fights. He won't give McGregor that opportunity. Floyd gon' take McGregor to deep water, let that nigga drown, and then move in for the kill.

  9. McGregor literally trained like mayweather for his match with Diaz 2. He does the shoulder roll defense. The straight right. The same exact style jab. I love mayweather. His genius is so unappreciated it's not even funny. But McGregor studied and learned some of mayweather basic moves in order to prepare for that 2nd Diaz fight. That tells me 2 things. He has a basic understanding of the shoulder roll defense which is huge for him defensively. Also, his awkward style movement is key to watch for in this mayweather fight. By mixing those two together he really does have a chance to catch mayweather with some shots. Especially in the early rounds while mayweather is analyzing his movement and timing. So, in the first 4 OR 5 rounds, this will be an interesting fight and is not going to be a walk through like everyone expects. McGregor is banking on it. Hence his 4 round knockout prediction. If he doesn't get it done, then mayweather will knock him out in the later rounds. So many people are calling this a joke, but man if you're a boxing fan then you have to see the intriguing matchups in the early rounds of the fight. It's unprecedented. That mma style movement that color is going to bring will be unprecedented which is more intriguing to me than anything else in the fight. Once in a lifetime fight obviously. First of its kind of this magnitude. It's worth the money for me. Consider The ppv bought from me.

  10. Floyd says shit like that all the fucking time. He said the same shit about canelo. He praised cotto. Praised pacquiao. He praised corralles like this isn't new. He even praised maidana for being relentless.

  11. Floyd has never been rocked, or been in a real fight. So now at 40 he's gonna put his perfect record on the line with the Baddest man in his weight class? Did anyone watch McGregor Diaz 2??? Diaz has a 4 or 5 Inch Reach advantage … & He still couldn't touch Connor hands up .. & I've yet to see anyone BRING UP that Connor went from 170 back to 155 . All that mass & strength he built up didn't disappear, he compacted it & Man it's just science . Y'all Are Tripping For Sleeping On Connor . He's a Beast , && WE'LL ALL SEE THE 26 TH …. We will see 💯

  12. you cant hit when your opponent its on the ground in boxing.. if money mauweather would hit hes opppnents on the ground or if the reff didnt stopnthe fights he would have more k.o.s tham mcgragor has fights ..

  13. Max is the classic know-it-all. Instead of admitting to being wrong or just not saying anything, he says, "I was only wrong because they changed the plans after I predicted it out loud."

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