Stephen A. Smith Rants About Jerry Jones And Tony Romo ‘Love Affair’ | First Take | ESPN

Stephen A. Smith can’t help but rant about Dallas Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones “love affair” with former QB Tony Romo, while Max Kellerman tries to explain the infatuation.

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  1. this horrible conversation is why nobody respects espn… ive been in wisc and texas and in tons of sports groups on social media and they all say the same… espn is a joke and the clowns there are clueless lol Romo was great but one guy cant take a team to the playoffs… all he can do is rack up his stats…. guess what tony did… racked up stats lol its all he can controll

  2. To all u cowboys fans running your mouth talking about I ain't no cowboys y'all bandwagon ass cowboys fans can kiss my ass I've been a cowboys fan since I first started watching them I wish any of u cowboys haters and wannabe bandwagon cowboys fans say cowboys sucks or I ain't a loyal cowboys fan to my face you'll definitely end up koed or in a hospital that's how serious I am about the Dallas cowboys

  3. Tony romo and Jerry Jones are fucking gay faggots 😂 fucking fruity ass romo is garbage. Why would anyone even keep him around trash as can't even take a hit

  4. Tony romo was the only reason Dallas ever won a game. Period. They gave him nothing to work with. He carried the team. He was literally the Russell Westbrook of the cowboys. Stephen a smith is a dumbass.

  5. I see the ratings must be down at ESPN when you have Stephen A. "My monthly bills are due and ratings are down so I'll talk smack about the Cowboys" Smith flapping his gums again.

  6. Stephen A can't seem to understand, and get it through his thick, arrogant skull, that it takes 53 players and a good coaching staff to win a championship..NOT ONE PLAYER. no QB, in the history of the game, has ever won a championship all by themselves.

  7. I just wished Jerry spoke more on D.Ware. I mean this man was a leader on the team and in the community. He was the heart and soul of the Dallas Cowboys for years, and all you can say is congrats on your ring, but I wish it could have been with us? That's it? 😑

  8. I'm a Cowboy fan and I have to agree with Stephen A Smith and I don't understand it either about the love affair with Tony Romo who have only 2 playoff wins as a starting OB . I give Jerry a lot of credit for being a good business man and have 3 SB rings to his resume but it doesn't change the fact he's being a terrible owner who don't know football and the fact that they been mediocrity for past 21 years.

  9. Dear Stephen retard you cut the clip too early bud just missed Jerry talking about how he feels so bad because he couldn't put a good enough team together. Saying Tony Romo's playoff record 5 times in different voices isn't a separate point Tony Romo= undrafted. Troy Aikman=First overall. Which one has the most passing yards as a cowboy? The undrafted kid

  10. Jerry Jones, "Tony Romo has been apart of and created some the most memorable plays in Cowboy History."

    Me – Flashback to Romo's botched field goal against the Seahawks lol 😂 and Dez's no catch (correct call)

    Yet, those are the only highlights of Tony Romo's career I can think of, any thing else lol?

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