Stephen A. Smith Digusted By Dolphins Signing Jay Cutler | First Take | ESPN

Stephen A. Smith says it’s disgusting that the Miami Dolphins signed former Chicago Beats QB Jay Cutler to a 1 year, $10M deal.

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  1. South Beach.The stadium is in Miami Gardens? Cubans ? They aren't worrying about CK protest? Basically the Dolphins didn't want to take on the responsibility of answering the question WHY… Cause thier chicken shits…

  2. Bottom line is kapernick did it to himself . Pigs on a sock insulted the many good cops who protect people during football games , he w mess wearing a Castro shirt which insulted all Cuban Americans , he insulted the anthem which is mostly done in acknowledgment towards men and women who serve in the army , while you dumb ass millennials can play Xbox and tweet in America.

  3. I am disgusted this black man can attack a white man and ESPN keeps him talking. This racists piece of shit should be shot in the fucking head and pissed on.

  4. Cutler really can be a decent Quarterback, he's familiar with the offense. He was never able to be a good quarterback in Chicago cuz they always had a shit offensive line, at times when Chicago'sline would actually give him time he made plays happen.

  5. Look sports in general has influx of different players , NBA in 10 years will be full of international players , those kids are hungry over there keep getting better and improving , NFL yourbstarting to see more and more white players cracking starting. Line ups MLB more and more latinos , NHL starting to develop more black players , may fav player in NHL is black subban cause of his play , not cause he is black , I can't stand the topic of race In Sports it's so subjective, if I was cutler I would smack Steve a smith . Bottom line is you play if your good , know business man looking at race or owner , they see what you can produce for them .

  6. No, its strictly Kaepernick being below average combined with his kneeling antics=bad business for any NFL franchise. I think theres a good amount of NFL fans who would abandon their teams if they signed Kaepernick. Any team that DOES sign Kaepernick is downright foolish.

  7. People have got to stop hating on Jay Cutlet! Yea he's not the best leader but he can flat out play if he actually added some interest to his skill he would be top5 but he has underachieved i must admit

  8. Maybe Kaep just sucks????!? Ever think of that?? NOOO cant possibly be that. It obvioulsy has EVERYTHING to do with race. eye roll Stop crying race! Helps no one. The guy just flat out sucks. Enough with the race baiting. Its ridiculous and stupid.

  9. Why can't the Dolphins sign who they want like the person who may fit their system kaepernicks abilities require a whole different game plan. And really kaepernick isn't all that yea he went to a super bowl led by the defense San Francisco then had a lot of talent retire or left them and how far did kaepernick take them yea I know chip Kelly didn't help the cause but still

  10. I'm not sure why other teams didn't sign him. being of Cuban decent and understanding the Castro brothers brutality and greed it's completely appropriate that Miami did not sign him. he wore Castro T-shirts twice if not more even after he new that Cuban-Americans did not like it. if he were Cuban and publicly protested like he did in Cuba the Castro's would make him really suffer more than his rich free American ass could have imagined. how can he protest oppresion and look up to a man like Fidel Castro? it shows his immaturity or either a plain lack of intelligence. I hope the man gets a job just simply because I'm tired of hearing about it but not in Miami

  11. Wanna know why they didn't sign kap? Are the racist, hate black people, wanna punish him? NO, he didn't fit the system here or on the Ravens. Cutler has more arm talent, he's a better fit it's wasy. Yes kap did get black balled in Seattle but that's it!!!

  12. So Stephen A. is insisting that the NFL force a team to sign Kap like when the NFL forced a team to sign Michael Sam a 7th rd pick due to NOT his skills (avg) but for being openly gay…And how'd that work out??? Stephen MAKES it look like Cutler was dragged off the couch after 10 yrs…He retired May 15, 2017…Kap is TOXIC right now…until he is willing to drop the militant attitude & really wants to improve himself in football NO team will sign him…

  13. people who are upset shouldn't be we live in a false pretense there is no freedom of speech we are not free people if we speak out against something we pay the. price as if we were in Iran we have been given an illusion

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