Mark Cuban Talks Colin Kaepernick Protest And NBA | First Take | ESPN

First Take debates Mark Cuban’s comments about how Colin Kaepernick’s protests would be perceived in the NBA.

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  1. People are only mad at Colin is because he's in the NFL, any regular Joe wouldn't get this much attention. Yeah, I'll has colorism problems and we are not going to get over it. . Patriarchy is what white people believe in but as of right now they are not being real American

  2. The fact that he is willing to stand for the anthem now, even though relations between cops and civilians have gotten worse, tells me that he ain't about shit!

  3. I use to like max kellerman..but I'm really starting not to watch him or his show anymore…i hope Colin never plays another snap in the nfl..and maybe we should all just stop watching espn…thats where we are headed

  4. Basketball is NOT immune….stay tuned when the Warriors punk out in WASH D C…..later this year.
    the NBA is BIG money {TV ratings, advertisers sales MATTER}<<< play the game leave the politics OFF the floor. Embarrassing the League will ruin the golden Goose. Stephnan A -speaking TRUTH to POWER ….. "its not personal its Business"

  5. DONT TAKE A SLICE OF MY PIE…….this is Kaepernik – nothing more nothing less….CRY RACE BLAKC BALL all day long IT IS!

    Money, it's a crime
    Share it fairly but don't take a slice of my pie
    Money, so they say Is the root of all evil today
    But if you ask for a raise it's no surprise that they're
    Giving none away, away, away.

  6. 'I cannot stand and sing the anthem. I cannot salute the flag; I know that I am a black man in a white world. In 1972, in 1947, at my birth in 1919, I know that I never had it made.'-Jackie Robinson – THE FIRST Black allowed to play major league baseball.

  7. The NFL is hugely popular in America, but it does seem antithetical to money-making motives to alienate the demographic that comprises the majority of your employees. Without which, your organization would not move as many tickets and merchandise. The NBA is on pace to eclipse the NFL in less than a decade and this antiquated mentality will be part of the reason why. If you already struggle in the global marketplace due to the logistics of the sport, why you would shoot yourself in the foot by not at least pretending to be progressive is beyond me. Profits don't (and won't) last forever. Hip hop is a global movement built by poor Black and Brown people. It's foolhardy for the NFL to disregard the impact of Black and other prominent celebrities loudly protesting behind Kap's blackballing. That shield is literally covered with black eyes from near constant women's abuse accusations/arrests. Additionally, the fallout from the CTE scandal will never go away. shrug I guess the owners are more about short term profits and not long term viability. Can't say that I'll miss them.

  8. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Yet we see people targeted for their beliefs on campus or the streets for those opinions. People have lost jobs, people have had to deal with death threats and some, some have been targeted in a baseball field for those beliefs.

    The problem is, the left and the Social Justice warrior nonsense infecting today's society. This is 2017, not 1960 whatever.

    In this great country, freedom of expression is under attack. From CEO in California for supporting prop 8 to a small pizzeria in Indiana who answered a hypothetical on homosexual marriage.

    The Miami Dolphins had 3 players kneel last year. One got a contract extension and one is still on the team. CK and his finance messed up with the nod to Castro and the Slave owner tweet/Instagram.

    The leftist media isn't just political, they infect all major population center reporting.

  9. Cuban also said before if he's walking down the street and sees a nigger/thug with a hoodie, he's walking to the other side of the street. I'm cool with black people but fuck you niggers/thugs.

  10. I'm a US Navy veteran. I argued with a guy before a game last year about the issue. (He never served) When the national anthem came on before the game I didn't see ONE person stand or even put their hand over their heart. They just kept eating their wings and drinking those beers. Smh

  11. Folks put flag, a piece of cloth over justice here in America. You rather talk about a damn flag than the injustice of unarmed, cooperating, human beings, being gunned down by police officers with no consequences. WOW!!

  12. That's why I watch the NHL. At least that league isn't all political bias. That and both the NBA and NFL Suck now. I wouldn't watch either league even if they were playing on my property.

  13. read them my man, NFL think this shit don't stink. like you said Detroit 1972. I was a child only 11 years old I asked people. What do you think we have a gas shortage. And cars are coming here from all over the world better mileage less gas. I asked Engineers that I grew up with that work for the Big 4. Don't they have the information of the technology to make fuel efficient cars. the answer was yes.. I said why won't they use it I was told they don't want to spend the money to retool the factories. At that point I made my own decision I was getting the fuck out of Detroit when I became an adult. I graduated in June of 77 in August 4th of 1977 I went to Atlanta. To that art school of Atlanta then I moved to New York the very next year work the fashion industry for 40 years left that did many other things in my life. But I knew Detroit was on the take down by the Big 4. That they would rate that City and MoveOn

  14. He is not that good. If he was he would be playing. Nobody cares about political view. I don't even know what he is protesting. The majority of the NFL is black, (and rich) What the fuck is he complaining about. The USA made him a millionaire. How rich would he be in Africa?

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