Four Mississippi Escorts Charged With Murder When A Man Helped Them With A Flat Tire

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  1. Don't confuse black women with these hoodboogers 😒😒 it really doesn't matter though. I see Tommy Sotomayor followers, Sws men and women, self hating negros and coons of every race all in this comment section. Sad

  2. Something is strange about this story. He took 4 escorts back to his home? Maybe there was sex involved. Maybe they agreed to have sex with him in exchange for the tire and he was thinking with his dick so he eagerly bought the tire and took them home thinking he was going to have sex with them. they look like low budget hoes, they probably told him they would give him an orgy in exchange for a tire.

  3. I think he took those women back to his home with the intention of having sex and something went down. Maybe they decided to rob him and there was a physical altercation and they ended up killing him, maybe he caught them stealing and tried to kick them out. It's one thing to be a good Samaritan but why would you allow 4 strangers to come to your home?

  4. I don't know about that story. It sounds a lol funny. How tall know things didn't go left when they got to the house? Who invites 4 hoes in the house?🤔

  5. Not Polished looking females, they DON'T Look Like Escorts, they look like regular ol' Hoes! THIS IS WHY PEOPLE HAVE TO LISTEN TO YOUR I N T U I T I O N!!!!! Helping is not over rated!!!!

  6. charlamagne is a dumb ass , why is he always saying shit that aint in the bible . He said jesus is never coming back obviously he has never read the bible. Give this dumb nigga the donkey of the day.

  7. What man would pay any of these monstrosities for sex? At some point, you have to respect your man-meat. Every sexual opportunity isn't worth pursuing.

    Secondly, it takes an awful person to kill someone in cold blood, but it takes a demonic individual to kill someone after being help.

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