First Take Reacts To Rapper J. Cole Supporting Colin Kaepernick | First Take | ESPN

First Take reacts to a picture posted on Instagram of Colin Kaepernick, his girlfriend and rapper J. Cole.

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  1. Would you rather be remembered as the catilist to a 14 year old boys lynching…

    or known for siting on your governmant phone provided to you for free by a african american president..who protects our country…
    voicing racial slures.

    Or an american who stands without saport for all of us….

  2. What if I told you that there was a mobile quarterback controversially drafted in the first round and, despite people telling him he would never be an NFL quarterback, he ultimately succeeded and even won a playoff game. But despite this success, he was blackballed from the NFL for standing up for his beliefs by taking a knee on the field and will probably never take another snap again because of it. But what if I told you that same man never whined and cried about being blackballed, but instead he continued chasing his passion while still standing up for what he believes in and helping people and is now playing semi professional baseball. People need to stop crying racism when they don't get their way because the same exact thing happened to Tim Tebow a few years ago.

  3. It's ridiculous how an athlete can beat his wife and be accepted back in to the nfl like it was nothing but when CK is trying to make a difference and raise awareness to racism in America it gets treated like a crime

  4. Kapernick was trying to leverage his relevancy since he kneeled. He has a false agenda. The second he had to step into the real world in MIami, he had to face his lies about Fidel Castro. And then he wants us to feel sorry for him for making $100 million, whatever color he is, and then racebait to incite fake outrage. Now, you have actors and rappers, who haven't worked a job in their life other than playing "make believe" shaking each other's dicks. So predictable… Never met a Cuban in his life and he wants to shit on the people who had their property revoked. Shit on Americans citizens, of all colors, who have fought in the military, so that he could throw a football around and make millions.. Kapernick is a Charlatans at best.

  5. Kapernick is totally okay with me if he keeps his protest on his own time but on game day fans don't wanna be subjected to any political or racial stuff because alot of us fans go to games and love the game of football because we all can find a common ground and bond over our team Fandom for 1 day a week and games are the 1 place that race religion or economic status doesn't matter. we all bond over a team and Kapernick is bringing all the issues we all need a break from on Sundays and throwing it in our face again. Theres no place for protest and political views or racial tensions or religious beliefs in the game.of football plain and simple. Fans wanna watch football and not be subjected to ones personal beliefs! As a fan in the stands you can see a rich white dude and and Poor black dude or vice versa hug eachother and show love as complete strangers because football brings all fans together and I personally don't like shit like Kapernick and his personal agenda starting racial tensions amongst fans of the same team and owners don't want that tension amongst their ticket holders so thats that! Kapernick is welcome to do anything he wants on his own time but on game day he's hired to do a job and not stir the shit pot like he has been. I don't want football to have anything to do with socail issues because I love football because it's one of few places that doesn't have social issues or a political agenda or religion or yadayadayada but my point is that Kapernick did this to himself and right or wrong he shouldn't bring social issues into the game I love that allows me as a poor man to bond with others who might be the total opposite of me but we are all freinds and equal on game day Sunday and Kapernick is taking that from the fans of his franchise and thats why owners won't do that to their own fans

  6. The national anthem was written by a slave trader and Owner any black person standing for it is a race trader, check out the unedited version of your anthem before you send me ignorant comments.

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