Dolphins Signing Jay Cutler Is An Insult | Final Take | First Take | ESPN

Max Kellerman explains that the Miami Dolphins signing QB Jay Cutler is an insult, and suggests their top priority is to look like they are doing something even when that has nothing to do with trying to win.

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    only argument is WHAT kap is a better qb SINCE WHEN????
    niggga dont want to stand up for national anthem and be all thuged out and shitt.
    then let him.
    NFL and usa dont want non of that.
    especially if on the spotlight.
    so be it.

  2. Calling this guy a reporter is an insult😂 What's everyone's trying to convey, that the NFL is racist? That's retarded.

    The truth is that sports media is a business, and everything they do is for the clicks, so they ride the trend train and right now, politics are hot. But I think it's actually bad for the league because the real football fans are getting annoyed

  3. This guy needs to STFU. He doesn't know shit. Politics has no place in sports. And don't try and make it about race. Jay and Adam have a background together.

    This show has gotten so bad. I miss skip. This fool is bent over every day and takes it with a smile.

  4. Gase was familiar with jay. He fits the offense. Miami did not want the drama and hate from the Miami media about Kap wearing a Castro shirt. Jay is better than all of the Healthy QBs on the roster. He might even be better than tanehill depending on who you ask. I could go on forever about why this was the best choice.

  5. Max Kellerman lay down the law, show these trolls who's Boss. I mean come on, these trolls hate kap so much they're fabricating Cutler's talent, learn football before you post jibberish bollocks, you triggered snowflakes.

  6. So Kellerman wants Coach Gase to sign CK who he has no relationship with and would have to watch hours of game film and retool the dolphins offense to match his skills. Not to mention get to know him as a person to hopefully have some chemistry to get the best out of him on game day over JC who he knows and likes, still has a strong arm, doesn't have to retool the offense. Cutler can learn the playbook quickly since its basically same one he had in Chicago and Coach Gase will know which plays to use to get the best out of Cutler on game day. Kellerman is the insult.

  7. I do not agree with Max Kellerman. Signing Colin Kaepernick might have caused more problems in the Miami Dolphins locker room than signing Jay Cutler. Everyone needs to remember that Kaepernick caused a stir last season when he wore a shirt that depicted Fidel Castro meeting Malcolm X. Kiko Alonso, whose father is a Cuban refugee, plays defense for the Miami Dolphins. Alonso, as well as many Miami residents, was extremely angered by Kaepernick's refusal to condemn the brutality of the Castro regime. Signing Kaepernick might have angered Alonso, which might have lead to major locker room problems, which could have lead to losses on the field.

    In addition, Miami is a very anti-Castro area. It is likely that Dolphin fan's would have staged at least a mini revolt if the Dolphins had signed a seemingly Castro loving quarterback. Finally, Gloria Estefan, who, with her family, fled Cuba, is a minority owner of the Dolphins. I think she would not have wanted Kaepernick on the team.

  8. Max highlights the hypocrisy of the NFL (and the American public to be honest), and now everyone is sick of politics in sports.

    Funny, you people haven't minded giving your two cents till now.

  9. People are acting like Kaepernick is the only QB free agent. No one says shit about RG3 for some reason. This media attention is all a big sham.

  10. Real life topics are what allow us to progress as a society. The culture in the US OF A is what got Trump elected. It's time to be open and discuss what's really going on in the world. Thank you Max and Stephen A. for making sure we talk about REAL topics.

  11. omg colin kap shot himself in the foot with his controversial statements, if u cant own up to the consequences of his words then he shouldnt have said them. every action has consequences, so ppl like SAS and kellerman should close the book and shut their mouths.
    no cutler isnt good but let him live and play, all they do is talk bad about him every time his name comes up media is giving him a worse rep.
    Espn pls just fire these clowns SAS and Kellerman spews stupidity and waters down your credibility as a media outlet covering sports.

  12. Shutup Max, you social justice warrior. You take all the air of the room with your social ills. Sports – that's what we want… Not one wants Kapernick not because of what he did but the way he did it. Deal with that.

  13. I am a former Bear's fan. I quit being a Bears fan because they kept giving Jay Cutler the keys to the franchise. Why not play Matt Moore? Why not Sign Kaep? Jay Cutler just said he doesn't even need to be in shape to play quarterback. What an insult tot he game of football.

  14. Absolutely false, I am sick of hearing about Kapernick. He's a terrible QB with baggage! Cutler is familiar with the verbiage of Gase's offense, and had his best year when Gase was his offensive coordinator. IF the Dolphin's would have taken Kap, they would have to build a completely new offence to match his lack of skill set. It's much easier to tweek one player than to reboot the entire offense. Not to mention the slap in the face Kap put on Florida's Cuban community, when he wore a Castro T-shirt! ESPN your losing viewers with your political views on subjects that we are trying to get away from! Be sports, quit trying to be Fox/CNN!!

  15. Cutler a bad locker room guy? I've read interview after interview of former teammates that say otherwise. Bennett said the opposite but he's nuttier than squirrel shit. Marshall hinted at it but he says that about every team he's left. Just becauae these sports critics don't like his body language they feel he's a bad guy and yet Cam Newton acts like a a spoiled lil bitch and he gets a pass.
    Bottom line is Cutler knows Gases system. He had arguably his best season in it. Likewise Gase knows Cutler….and he knows that Cutler has a better skill set than that other guy.

  16. Kap and Cutler are equally as bad but at least cutler knows the offence and can fit into the offence. Not only that but the offence would have to be altered to accommodate kap and there is only a month until the regular season. That being said there are far worse quarterbacks in the NFL than kap therefore I find it wrong that kap is not signed to an NFL team. Stephen A. calling it white privilege is absurd as he was the best option for the Miami Dolphins and Adam Gase's situation.

  17. it's media outlets like First Take that gives athletes a bad rap….. every video and picture you guys show of Jay Culter he's being sacked or throwing and interception you would think he's never thrown a single touchdown in his career smh

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