Benzino talks Winning Althea Heart Back on Hollywood Unlocked [UNCENSORED]

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  1. I cringe every time Jason talks about he doesn't do "dark skin" . He's so progressive on other issues but he's still stuck in that slave mentality when it comes to skin color. How sad.

  2. I don't think people should take the " I don't do dark skin men " comment to heart it's his preference we all have one. I only do dark skin woman I love me some chocolate I'm not into light skin woman. Not that they aren't sexy or attractive I just want some swirl. Now I'm I wrong for saying that it am I going to be praised? Just saying

  3. I enjoyed Benzino's interview. Maybe he's in a place where he doesn't feel the need to trash people. That doesn't mean that he's being politically correct. There's a point in life where we somehow have to grow up. Good luck to him and Althea on rekindling their relationship.

  4. The interview really made me like and respect benzino waaaayyyy more t.v is just a perception and I am one of few who recognize that!!! Go home thi – thi this is a total different man talking now he sounds like he get it now!!

  5. Jason is the worst interview of the century. He ask Benzino a question, Benzino opens his mouth to answer, Jason says " Wait let me tell you what happen to me" Its always about him, I hate his stories and I dont want to know what happen to him, not sure any of us care, I want to know what the guest answer is. No PROFESSIONALIZISM in Jasons interviewing style.. He is the biggest narcissist on youtube.

  6. Jason, you say the most ignorant things. Your comment is just as ignorant as me saying, I'd rather watch and listen to a FULL BLACK, ALL BLK cast" for Hollywood Unlocked. Be more responsible for the words you say.

  7. Yea saying it like that is rude!!!! Like when people say you acting light skin or I don't do lite brights… It's all rude!!! How about just say that's not my type or preference… I don't know! But saying it like that is very rude! I don't have a preference as long as you are a MAN!!!!!!!!!

  8. How about Benzino cheating on his Wife though? What example is that for these young man watching him in this Hip-Hop industry ? Shouldn't judge Amber unless your side of the street is clean baby.

  9. I JUST UNSUBCRIBED! I'm done with Jason and this show! He is a fat insecure self- hating troll and I'm will not continue to support. Does he ever support gay people if he's not sleeping with them? He never defends the gay community. In fact it's almost always the opposite. You really think this straight ppl your trying to impress really looks at you any different than the queens and gays you look down upon? Keep dreaming

  10. Jason….when did dark skin men go out of season and now the actor Cofy (whatever his name is) is bringing dark skin men back???? Mayb you was into your girl side with the "color" thing! No shade, no tea, but dark skin men have always been in for a LONG time…….we not back in the 70's or 80's.

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