Stephen A. Urges Charles Oakley To Drop James Dolan Incident | First Take | ESPN

Stephen A. Smith urges Charles Oakley to drop the incident with New York Knicks owner James Dolan, while Max Kellerman is rooting for Oakley over Dolan.

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  1. Yea Steven A Smith…..Typical response from you PUSSY. Steven A Smith likes to run his mouth…….but he cannot play sports…..he is a little bitch with no talent. Pussy A Smith

  2. Dolan should be the one that is BANNED FOR LIFE. Bastard ruined the Knicks and continues to disrespect its legends that brought more SUCCESS TO NY THAN HIS STUPID ASS. No, that incident should not be dropped or next time Dolan would decide to slap Ewing in the face for DARING to call him out on his awful ownership.

  3. FUCK OAKLEY !!! If a WHITE PLAYER would have done what OAK did to BLACK security guard there would be RIOTS with TONS OF BLACKS OUTSIDE THE GARDEN PROTESTING WITH BLM !!!!

  4. Easy to see from the comment section that blacks keep blacks down far more than whites do 2017. It's never "lets have a discussion", it's always "uncle tom" or "SAS a coon!".

    I forgot it's mandatory for all blacks to think the same, not drift from the herd and stay in line. That's exactly how half of you sound in the comment section regarding SAS, who I can barely stand.

    9 out of 10 of the worst cities to live in across America, based on crime, educational standards, standard of living and job opportunity, are run by Democratic local gov'ts, and a majority are represented by Dems at the Federal level also. Dems have controlled almost all these cities for multiple decades, reaching as far back as the late 60's for 1.
    So how is it in over 50 years, the Democrats, that are "pro-black", have allowed the communities they control be turned into hell holes that blacks are more or less forced to live in. Keep voting democrat to keep the white racists happy!

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