Stephen A. Strongly Thinks Dolphins Won’t Win With Jay Cutler | First Take | ESPN

Stephen A. Smith kicks off First Take saying he strongly thinks the Miami Dolphins won’t win with former Chicago Beats QB Jay Cutler if Ryan Tannehill is out for the season.

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  1. I support the brother Colin kaeperbick and how he brought light to the racial issues in America. But let's be real, outside of Harbaughs system he's not that good. He's a system quarterback. Unless you can recreate that same exact system with the same exact players, he's not that good. Jay cutler is better because he can play regardless of the system he's in. He's been in like 10 different offenses

  2. I live in Chicago Cutler is a fucken BUM he is the biggest pussy to ever play in the NFL he has no talent even less now that he is old and coming out of Summer retirement 🖕🏻

  3. Im way more of a NBA fan than a NFL fan now. NBA doesnt have stupid fags like Kaep supporting dictators. End of story. I hooe he never gets signed and ends up homeless or dead. Btw i support his kneel during the anthem but supporting a dictator is unbelievable. I would LOVE to see him live in Cuba for like 6 months. And if u agree with fidel castro go live in cuba bc thats just retarded he has destroyed cubas econmy and and has killed millions of cubans bc of his actions. Unbelievable. Kaep go kill your self literally.

  4. let's be honest the dolphins wasn't gona do anything with any available qb on there roster or free agency. they could send Marc Anthony out there to hand it off and would have the same record tannehill would have posted

  5. Miami should win no more than 5 games this season with Jay Cuntler. Instead of sticking with Matt Moore as a backup QB (a pretty solid backup btw), you go and blow $10 million on some BUM just to appease the Cuban "exiles" in Miami. These idiots put politics above winning. Now these dumb sacks of shits will have trouble resigning Jarvis Landry in the off-season. I'm no fan of Kap either, but Cuntler sucks and is costing this team a huge pay check. Good job Blowfins. You just might as well tank this season and go 1-15 to get a high enough draft pick to select a solid QB in 2018. I'm officially done with this team because I can't take it anymore. Enough is enough. I'm tired of rooting for the Cleveland Browns of the AFC East. Miami will take a shit on the field for another decade. F**k you Adam Gase.

  6. As a long-time 49er fan, I think the only people that feel Kap can still play in the NFL (other than in an emergency backup scenario) haven't paid attention to his play for a few years. He is just bad. Because he relied so heavily on his physical attributes for so long, I dont see him getting any better. He had decent success when he had a top tier defense, OL, and running game (and a new scheme NFL defenses were not used to seeing). Coaches simplified playbooks for him because they had that luxury – not anymore. All the social issue bs aside, I just don't see him being successful in miami's system.

  7. The Dolphins would have to completely change their offense to make Kaepernick work. He cannot play in a pro-style offense. You have to make your playbook fit his capabilities. With the way the Dolphins are set up, Cutler is a much better fit. To make Kaepernick work, they would have to suppress Jay Ajayi (which would be a very poor decision). It would also limit the effectiveness of DeVante Parker and Kenny Stills (also a huge mistake). Kaepernick has a cannon arm but he has not been and never will be a good deep-ball thrower. He has very little touch and his poor, baseball-like mechanics ensure that he will never be consistent throwing the deep ball. I believe Kaepernick belongs in this league but not as a starter because, in no way will he make a team better, due to his limitations throwing the ball. QB running ability is so overrated and that is the only area Kaepernick excels in at the NFL level. He especially won't get the Dolphins (who were a playoff team last year) over the hump and I think they realized that. Otherwise, they wouldn't have chosen Cutler. I think they would put Kaepernick's activism aside if he could help their team but I really just don't think he helps them as much as Cutler does. #SKOLVikes

  8. I think Cutler will have a great year because he will come in with a chip on his shoulder. Most people don't realize what it's like to be in a leadership role in a dysfunctional organization, after a while he just checked out. Now is the time to prove to people that he doesn't suck.

  9. I have to wonder how many of you geniuses realize that the NFL will always take familiarity over anything else. Cutler had a good season under Gase. He has to come in right before preseason onto a playoff team. Kaep is better than at least 5 starters right now, but he would struggle more in Miami's system than Cutler. Also, fuck Stephen Smith.

  10. The reality is Miami probably isn't going to win this year no matter who is their starter. Stephen A is exactly right on Cutler. Moore probably can't carry a team through an entire season, but that's not the role of a backup anyway. Signing Kap requires a complete re-tooling of the offense in the middle of the preseason. Signing Cutler was the simplest solution.

  11. Tannehill will b back starting by week 5. Get this washed up bum a gerny he'll need it. I would say he's washed up but he never really was that good He's a more of a quarterback coach still playing on a team at this point!

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