Stephen A. Concerned Carmelo’s Focus Is Only About Money | Final Take | First Take | ESPN

In his Final Take, Stephen A. Smith expresses his concern that Carmelo Anthony’s focus in only about money and not winning NBA championships.

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  1. Stephen A and others are realizing this now??? This was obvious in 2011 when he forced the trade out of DEN because he wanted that 5th contract year with the extension…and again when he re-signed with the Knicks a few years ago.

  2. It's true u can't eat rings but how much money do u need he's never goin broke his kids kids kids won't go broke it's ego we all have one sometimes out ego' s stop us for goin further than we could actually go

  3. It's funny because he has a trade kicker, meaning if it really were about the money he'd sign off on goin anywhere just to get that extra 15% pay raise, and the sooner he did it, the more money he'd earn on this contract

  4. I was hoping he would get better. He lost weight. He started tp pass the ball… a little better. But he never evolved his game. He never learned to shoot the 3 like today's players. He did not learn to lead, or to just show up on defense. I was hoping to see the man who won a championship with the Orangemen take his game to the bigtime. But he never was a tier one, top 5 player.

    Its not bad thing to to not be a top 5 player. He was an all star. He still is. But he is not elite.

  5. Melo gave up on being 'that' kinda dude years ago
    Coming out of the draft in was LeBron and this dude Melo who just won the NCAA for Syracuse the 1 & the 2

    Then D-Wade has the forgotten wing player that went to college goes Slash on the league gets some juice

    Big dude up in Canada start making noise about All-Star votes and getting some shine

    This is BEFORE they hook up WITH James in Miami

    The problem is Melo got his shine from jump w/o any real NBA accomplishments…his name came in blazing, all he had to do was keep shooting and he stays on the 'near' LeBron line because of the hype coming in

    Melo has not done enough in the league to be juiced where he is, he recognizes the irony

    A smart guy keeps up the sham to keep his money tight, why go get exposed somewhere…right now, a lot of people are snowed into thinking the dude is on a level he never achieved in the Pros

    Best to make the money and ALLOW people to 'think' he's some dude he's NEVER had to prove or has proven he is at the NBA level.

    Not hating on the guy but honestly he is the least accomplished dude held in 'that' type of regard, especially from that draft
    It's kinda disrespectful to James, Wade and Bosh to include him on their level
    Take away the one and done year at Syracuse and you 'might' know Melo as a volume shooter on some so/so NBA squads but would THAT have gotten him 'known' or juiced as one of the BEST in the league, really?

    He came hot and he doesn't totally suck, so in our world… ya stay 'hot' even if you haven't really put down, as long as you don't fall flat on your face, which he hasn't, he rides in 1st class but hasn't earned 1st class at this level
    So it's best he keeps hiding

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