First Take Reacts To Malcolm Jenkins Calling NFL Teams ‘Cowards’ On Kaepernick | First Take | ESPN

First Take reacts to Malcolm Jenkins’ comments calling NFL teams “cowards” for not signing Colin Kaepernick.

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  1. To Malcolm Jenkins, why don't you show support for Kaepernick and refuse to play, and what a football player show disrespect for Martin Luther King on Martin Luther King. He disrespected everyone who died fighting for Kaepernick to be able to play football.

  2. At this point, I hope the NFL, MLB, and NBA do disband. Most of the blacks that have bogus degrees from college would end up working at Walmart or something. Poor blacks getting free rides through college and paid millions to play a game. The horror and injustice of this country make me sick.

  3. Kaepernick doesnt understand what the anthem or flag means to alot of americans, you want to protest thats fine but find ways not to offend people, now hes paying the price, no one owes him shit… You dont like it deal with it

  4. Whats sicker then those Nlf owners is the people that comment in defense of them but fail to see why he protested. Why he is being blackballed nor do will they agree to why he took a stand in first place. Sick people

  5. Kaepernik is bad for business. And it is a business. When everyone was playing football, Kaepernik decided to protest. And more importantly he came out looking ungrateful to a country where the NFL has made millionaires out of black men for running and throwing around a ball. People tune in for football not for protests.

  6. He's a trash Qb and half white–raised by whites! He's a millionare!…ohh poor me!
    disrespect the country that made you rich. squidward looking mofo.
    just a whiney distraction. Time to get a 9-5 like the rest of us!

    funny how all the comments about race are Black people calling all whites dumb red necks or crackers–"you all know you are the most racist!"

    Well some rich tv people said so, it must be true!…give me a fucking break you bunch of sheep. Fake news! rofl..sorry had to, yeah I hate trump!

  7. Ppl that say them things are out to lunch and don't have a clue on anything they just have big mouths loving to hear there selfs talk. Actually needing to close their pie hole.

  8. White people if this not about race or his protest then why is so many crackas on here talking shit to and about blacks who they don't know
    Whites are the greatest defenders of racism and hate they always say Muslims are extremist but whites or more violent and more extreme than any Muslim

  9. Anyone who has socks with images of police looking like pigs doesn't deserve an NFL job. If no team wants to sign him, that is the team's choice. No one is obligated to sign him, the NFL doesn't owe him a damn thing. Colin decided to protest people who put their lives on the line every fucking day of their lives, and Colin thinks they're fat pigs because some stupid drugged up niggers high on PCP or crack shoots at officers or attacks them and ends up getting what they deserved. No, Colin, no one owes you a damn thing. Think about that as you season those curly fries, punk bitch.

  10. Black players should not play because of what the cracker owners doing to kaepernick. I want to see how entertaining the NFL be then. The NFL will be shit without black players…

  11. career w/l record under .500 , 177 pass yds per game..hes a mid tier back up with out the baggage, with the baggage he aint worth it,simple. an anyone that says theyd b cool payin a back up alot of money thats always in the news is a liar…also,look at him an that stupid afro..seriously,when ur job hunting..again, anyone typing out there thats in some position of power at a fortune 500 company who says they would hire someone to represent them or their city that walked in to there office lookin like that is a fucking liar.

  12. Im tired of them comparing Vick. Vick is 10 times better then Colin and he wasnt even the one who did the shit they just put his face on the crime to make and example out of a black athlete like they trying to make an example out of Colin. FOH

  13. Excuses excuses… Colin Kaepernick is a potential high risk liability. Bottom line who TF is this guy to tell the leagues teams who they should spend their money on call them cowards because they aren't willing to bet on an average QB who is a potential liability??? Then the negro turns around and brings up one black mans legal troubles to promote another black man which a sort of 3rd party crabs in a barrel move! Oh and didn't Kaepernick OPT OUT OF A 19 MILLION DOLLAR CONTRACT with a guaranteed 14.5 MILLION in injuries to be a FREE AGENT??? That's like a guy QUITTING any other high paying job from a big corporation then your supporters blaming the fact that your unemployed on everything but the fact that you QUIT!!!

    Is Kaepernick solid enough to play I this league, yes but if you want him I the league I say YOU PICK THE TEAM AND OFFER TO PAY HIS SALARY!!!

  14. Owning an NFL team is a business. If an owner of a team thinks a player has the potential to cause a loss in revenue the logical result is that he won't hire that employee. He's not cowardly, he's a billionaire. There is a free market solution though. A billionaire who is willing to take advantage of the anti-american sentiment Kaepernick stands for, can start an NFL team of his own. There are several states on the west coast that would enjoy hosting an anti-american NFL team. The press would cheerfully promote the team AND there are an endless amount of rich liberals willing to support the ideals that a team like this would stand for. It could be a huge revenue generator.

  15. low iqs. they keep bringing up Vic. they dont get it, the flag is more important than dogs. yes what kapernik did was worse. look at it, nobody wants the turd. deal with it.

  16. They are a bunch of rich racist bastards. NFL is a damn "Slave Plantation"! They making money of the back of those slaves running around with a ball. Making the "Massa richer than they will ever be. Taking a piece of the pie when the whole damn pie belongs to you. Wake your asses up! Especially you blacks that's lining these racist bastards pockets! When will we stand united? They want us divided. So here we are! Damn shame blacks are still brainwashed. Boycott! Boycott! Hit them where it hurts. Financially we keep them paided. Stop watching! Stop purchasing anything NFL! Stop supporting people who don't support us!

  17. As a Brotha….my PEOPLE…..WE NEED TO BOYCOTT THE "SLAVE PLANTATION" aka The National RACIST League…..I'm not watching, I'm not going to any games….and that LEAGUE, WILL NOT SEE A "DIME" OF MY "BLACK MONEY"…….PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. This open racist behavior slaps every black player in the face! The league union must put an end to the owners holding all the cards. Guaranteed money is a great first step. For players who play the most "dangerous game in the world". And who will die probably from playing they have the worst contracts! It's time to refuse to play until permanent change is made and respect is given. I have zero respect for the NFL as an organization. They earned it!

  19. Do Your first amendment rights on your own time not company time you want to march protest fine do it on Your own time when you out on that field wearing that uniform you are dressed for work what you do when not dressed in that uniform is not my concern

  20. The Leftist ESPN on its war path of destroying sports. Are you going to pay the man? You don't own a team, you're not writing a check. Its not just the protesting. It's the socks with the pigs on them, and it's his communist revolutionary clap trap that is annoying as well. Kaepernick is nothing but a ignorant Statist moron who should of never opened his mouth about politics. The real shame is the fact that ESPN and the other media outlets roll this paranoid half truth talking mascot out there and crown him as some civil rights hero when he is nothing more then a brainwashed fool. When he speaks he sounds like a college freshmen who just got done blowing his Post Modern loving Herbert Marcuse wanna be college communist professor. He sounds like some fool talking to his stoner buddies in a college dorm room. The guy is a clown.

  21. Uh Bro do not compare Mike Vick to Colin Kap! Vick was Superstar!!!! And was brought into philly to be the starting qb. Why the fact that Kap Quit doesn't come up more bothers me. KAP QUIT!!!!! he wasn't cut, he wasn't released, his option wasn't declined. The Guy straight up went to 49ers asked to opt out of his contract because he was mislead by his camp and 49ers agreed to his demands. Kap took a knee all of last year and was the starting QB for the 49ers. My question is why did he leave the team he was starting for? Not why didn't anyone sign him.

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