First Take Reacts To Conor McGregor’s Sparring Partner Quitting | First Take | ESPN

First Take reacts to Conor McGregor’s sparring partner Paulie Malignaggi quitting.

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  1. You also said Conor couldn't hit floyd he hit Paulie
    You said he couldn't win a round Paulie says he won rounds!
    You said Conors cardio can't last 12 rounds he went 12 rounds
    Keep moving those goal posts max 0%. Chance. #max is full of shit lol

  2. I believe there probably is a skill level gap between boxers hands and mama strikers hands but it's nowhere near as big
    As all you boxing retards think it is

  3. Honestly he should have just stayed quiet, I didn't even know his name until this story he was just his "training partner" now when I see his name I'm just gonna think a bitch now

  4. Malignaggi is a traitor to boxing. Mcgregor is out to discredit the boxing profession by humiliating Mayweather who is the face of Boxing. And Malignaggi decides to help the enemy. He got what he deserved

  5. No way in hell Floyd's losing. Conor won't be able to keep up wit his speed, that's a FACT. Boxers who've trained their whole entire lives to fight have trouble landing hits so imagine this uncoordinated UFC fighter who's only had a few months of pure boxing training coming in and beating the GREATEST defensive boxer to have ever played the sport. Sounds to me like the United Racists want to see this pure Irish guy who ISN'T EVEN AMERICAN beat down the arrogant, filthy rich black man who IS American, because he backs up all his shit and has beaten all of their white idols FLAWLESSLY.

  6. Your face dont look like that after a push,,, funny all that shit he was talking about ankle weaights and all that bs and conor gave him the hands for 12 rounds then he quit like a chump talking all that to quit lost respect

  7. What people need to keep in mind is the sparring was with 16-ounce gloves….. Paulie has no idea how hard Conor punches. Fucking gloried pillow fight. Also, Paulie ran to the media and gave a thousand interviews saying Conor's power was only average….. what kind of loyal sparring partner does that?? Can anyone imagine one of Floyd's sparring undermining him like that? Narcissistic fuck. He was being paid to keep his mouth shut and that's what he should have done.

  8. I don't like Steve Smith but think he's right here. Does seem odd Malignaggi wouldn't have expected this. It's part of the build up and story line to the fight. Just enjoy the paycheck and shut up.

  9. Conor McGregor Is a human just like Floyd. He's a human that has won 2 mma world championships against top competitors. Everyone knows mma fighters still train for boxing and some actually box. If you think that this guy can't learn to box or even become a boxing champion, you are a fucking idiot. he's only 28, in a few years Conor could easily be a top competitor in boxing, it's just simple math. Who knows, he might already be a top competitor in boxing, we'll se on the 26th

  10. Dumbasses talking about "anything can happen."

    Yeah a High School basketball team is going to beat the Golden State Warriors. "Anything can happen."

  11. "he should change his name foyd because he can't take any Ls heuheuheu" gee wonder why Conor doesn't have an L in his name then 😂 oh and if you think fLoyd gayweather has a chance you're an idiot.

  12. Pauli was talking shit, McGregor said on the press conference that they would have a knock in the gym and Paulie would answer to what he was saying. McGregor brought him in to test himself/ throw hands with a shit talker. That's some gangster shit man. Pauli is stupid for going in thinking it's cool after talking all that crap

  13. Who gives a f*ck what Max Keller says or thinks. The guy doesn't Box! He doesn't even fight! Look, Max gets paid to run his mouth and that's all he is doing. I HATE SPORT ANALYST WHO SHARE THERE SO CALLED EXPERT OPINION ON A SPORT THEY HAVE NO EXPERIENCE IN WHATSOEVER. Everybody gets hit in a fight. To say Mcgregor wont land a single punch just shows this guy has Never been in a fight. F*CK his Pussy Opinion.

  14. Tyson is a great analyst. Comments from LaHoya and Tyson made great comments.
    Think in reverse. Mayweather could not walk into MMA and win nor can Mcgregor . The reality is if mayweather dazzle dazzles him for 5 rounds Mcgregor will gas out and will be picked apart. No one can walk into the ring and beat mayweather , none of the best can do it . What is happening is that the promoters were able to con everyone out of their money.


  16. What happened was Pauli ran his mouth on video completely disrespecting and disregarding Conor's boxing ability which caught Conor's attention so he said "bring the boy in and let's fight" Pauli then came in got his ass whooped, and was exploited through pictures he then got ass hurt and left very simple. He talked a big game.

  17. It's like choosing better the lesser evils. It's the racist vs the homophobe. Still, I hope Mayweather knocks out McGregor in the 1st round. I can understand someone viewing homosexuality as morally wrong but racism is one of the worst form of hate in my book. Only systemic discrimination, hate motivated violence, and genocide is worse.

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