Stephen A. Smith Betting On Giants To Decline Before Cowboys | First Take | ESPN

Stephen A. Smith is betting on the New York Giants to decline before the Dallas Cowboys this NFL season.

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  1. Let's be real I'm a cowboys fan but let's be honest. We have nothing but young players… who will continue to grow. Giants D is solid asf . There offense it average and gets carried by the D but over all they are a solid team. Giants will regress more…

  2. Stephen A is right. Max talks in circles so he appears right but there is only one true stat, winning. All teams have the specter of injuries and bad bounces and tougher schedules. Browns have the toughest schedule every year because they can't find a way to beat anybody. It's what a 53 man roster is able to do to offset those issues that gets the win. Do like the Lombardi Packers, Shula Dolphins, Knoll Steelers, Landry Cowboys, Walsh 49er's, Johnson Cowboys and Belichick Patroits aim to win all three phases and not just make the playoffs but win the league to get the bye and home field. Sorry got off track. Max knows more than I do but acts like he knows more than everybody does which drives Stephen a nuts.

  3. I have to agree with Stephen A. Odell is arguably the only good player on the team offensively. Eli is getting up there in age without a replacement in place, Brandon Marshall is getting up there in age he has maybe 2 seasons left. Oh yeah they're still void of a decent O-line or running back.

  4. This is why I hate ESPN and loudmouths like Stephen. How does he not understand the concept that a team can have a worse record than the year before and still be BETTER. I mean, for 1 you've got strength of schedule. Would you rather be 13-3 on a last place schedule or 11-5 on a 1st place schedule? 13-3 would indicate that you beat a lot of teams that you should've beaten. But 11-5 against a bunch of division winners seems to indicate that you beat a healthy amount of the NFL's top teams which would make you one of the top teams in the NFL.

    And look at Garrett & the Cowboys. A bunch of 8-8 years in a row. But you would have to be blind to not have seen the talent on the teams getting better despite not seeing it play out in the record.

  5. what kind of receiving core do the Cowboys have??? it's pretty shitty after dez. if they are putting stock in dez, terrance williams, Cole Beasley, the kid from unc who has a hamstring issue that's laughable. Yeah the Cowboys have a better offensive line but did eli not throw for more yards than dak last year. The giants system forces eli to get rid of the ball quick. Hints why he always has low sack numbers. Yes dallas has a better line and a rb but when you face a team that can shut down the run like the Giants can your offense is nonexistent. Your second year qb won't carry the offense and the truly have a second option outside of dez will kill the cowboys. Giants defense is a top ten unit and alot of people seem to overlook second year defensive end romeo okwara. the guy that gave the Cowboys fits who played in place of jpp

  6. Giants have top 10 defense also have star in the making TE in Engram, Perkins who's has the potential to be 1,000 A plush rusher. Giants also have not as bad as offense line as you think. Cowboys don't have secondary Giants have 3 legit DBs.

  7. What happens if other teams get significantly better, and your team only gets slightly better, wouldn't you have a worse record then?

    What if you play 5 top-ten teams this year, but last year you only played 3?

    It's really not that hard to understand Stephen A. I love you, man, but come on.

  8. To be honest the way the Giants are going after all the glamour positions really reminds me of when Jerry Jones would do that nonsense for YEARS ignoring the O line. They had superstars all over the place. but could never get them the ball. luckily for the Giants they have a defense though. They're gonna need to repeat their success because o-line trouble can get ugly really fast.

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