Stephen A. Calls Carmelo Not Reaching NBA Finals ‘A Damn Shame’ | First Take | ESPN

Stephen A. Smith calls Carmelo Anthony not reaching the NBA Finals “a damn shame” and says Melo should “want to get out of New York.”

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  1. Max says Melo is "trapped". That's all on Melo. He chose to go to the Knicks for that huge contract, and no trade clause.
    He could've gone to a better team for less money, before landing in NYC, but he made his choice. Now he's had to live with it.
    Everyone makes choices, Melo made the wrong one. I don't think, as SAS says, that it's "a damn shame" Melo hasn't gone to the NBA Finals.

  2. Can y'all stop crying for "poor poor Carmelo" like his career isn't his fault? He left a playoff team in Denver to gut a playoff team in New York so he could have a max contract on a garbage team, then refused to join a playoff team so he could take ANOTHER max contract. Nigga didn't care about winning for the past 10+ years fuck him

  3. never put melo with lebron, denver and ny, enuff said, melo stayed true, who really wins in a lebron league…if melo join a stacked team then more stories for espn

  4. If Carmoney would just come out and just be real and say "All I care about is money" then I could respect him, but he tries to act like some kind of victim of circumstance all the time.

  5. James and Anthony entered the league same year….FF>>LeBron still jumping out the gym. Melo can't dunk in game and takes 40 jumpshots every night. So if Melo hits 25% He still ends up with 20+ free throws to appear hes still an impact player. Numbnutz should have never resigned this dude. Period!

  6. wow i swear everyone has memory loss players use to say Melo was the hardest player to guard in the league because of his versatility. man has really never played with a star in his prime

  7. SAS really loves to overrate Carmelo Anthony. Don't get me wrong, I think Melo is a pretty good player and has been an All-Star caliber player ever since he stepped into the league; but he is nothing more than that. Melo has been in the league for 15 seasons, he played 1 Western Conference Finals, 1 Eastern Conference Semi Finals. Other than that, he either was a first rounder or missed the playoffs! He has made playoffs only 3 times in his 7 year Knicks career. Now I've never expected him to do what LeBron did with the Cavaliers in his first run; but come on, even if you have a shitty team, you've got to make it to the playoffs in the Eastern Conference if you're a superstar.

    Another thing is, Melo doesn't have spectacular individual playoff stats either. Averaging 25 points a game with 40% shooting on the field and 29% behind the 3 point line. And he has been the primary scoring option in every team he has played in. Really? Is that what you expect from an "all time great scorer"? Again, Melo deserves respect for being a good player for a long time; but no way he is a legend of any sort. I can name you many greater players who couldn't play in the finals before Melo.

  8. Melo really doesn't have any options. Knicks don't have to trade him Period! And I don't hear Melo saying anything all I hear is Stephen A Smith and his sources talking and the media outlets talking shit.

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