Ravens GM Denies Owner Is Blocking Colin Kaepernick Signing | First Take | ESPN

First Take discusses Baltimore Ravens GM Ozzie Newsome denying that owner Steve Bisciotti is blocking a Colin Kaepernick signing.

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  1. Collin Kaepernick sucks. He was a flash in the pan and is now only a distraction. He is the equivalent of fucking an ugly chick you know has herpes. Nothing good is going to come of it. It's not going to do anything for you and you still get the baggage. And Michael Sam just sucked. How is that goofy bastard still relevant?

  2. let's be honest on the reason nobody wants to sign him is because he stood up and he said he is tired of seeing police officers killing unarmed black men and he did not want to stand for the national anthem last check this is America freedom of speech it is not right this man deserves a job he is a good football player

  3. Enough.With.Politics. I am sick and tired of hearing this. Black people will never be satisfied, we all live in America. Therefore, we are all privileged.

    I am an immigrant, my father at one point was homeless for months. Now we live in the nicest part of town. Quit with the race baiting.

  4. Stephen A. Smith is a straight up sukca. You are just one of those dudes that every group seems to have that thinks he knows everything.. So what he didn't vote, in all honesty , that shit doesn't make a difference anyway because nobody is going to do anything for the hood anyway. No I vote, and am a veteran also, but as a black man I don't believe any of it makes a difference anyway. But this dude just uses his platform to force his views on everybody as if he is always right. Man you either are with your people or not.. And Ray Lewis is a coon ass sucka too!!!!

  5. Where is Tom Joyner we need to find out who the sponsors are for the NFL  and boycott them Budweiser, Anheuser Busch, Under Armor,  Papa Johns, McDonalds, Verizon, Frito-Lay. Our money has power. There is a list just Google NFL sponsors.

  6. Yall supporting a marxist who spreads the same BLM lies. Yall is supporting trangenders and black SJW LGBT agenda. Colin just jumped on that activist pussy and forgot he had to work for a corporation that has a biz to run not a SJW agenda

  7. wow he really said that? So just because he didn't one time means he never does. I fought to give you that "right". I didn't because I hate them both. No one know his position in the political sense. He knows more politics than politicians. He's obviously better than a lot of QB. This issue is strictly a race issue and now all the "white" owners are going to tell everyone to be quiet because of their money, and say its not true. Then get black coaches and gms to say it because it "looks" better. Fuck the NFL and all their Nazi asses

  8. First i wanna say kap issa hero

    Alright i dnt understand y nebody mad at kap he just took a topic that no one in this sensitive era is really tryna address (Wut i like bout it is if u decide to really talk about the actual topic he's making u choose a side ) so everybody can act like he disrespecting the flag and military if u want but yall gonna have to ask and the question Kap is bringing to the light #stopfaking

  9. First of all the reason Colin is being blackballed is because some people are ignorant and still don't know what he was protesting and like to still believe he was disrespectful to the anthem and the troops when he Clearly told all of you that he was protesting racial inequality and police brutality against people of color, having said that Colin also came out and said the reason he wasn't voting was because neither of the two candidates had a track record for what he believes would lead to a change in any of the issues he was protesting, therefore Steven A. You are falling into the same category of ignorant people that refuse to hear the message and believe you can decide what the protesting or the not voting meant to themselves instead of listening the reasons behind the protests and come out and say that you think you have the right to say and dictate how and why he should vote or protest in your own eyes, so either you support 100% or just don't say a Fucking thing Steven A. Smith you Fucking clown

  10. The Owner Are Saying If You Speak Freely You Will Be Punish And People Hate Kaepernick For Protesting Police Brutality And Not Owner Who Hate Freedom Of Speak In Expression (So Called America Values)

  11. This is a joke. Teams aren't signing Kaepernick because the moment they do the next question will be this: OK, now that he's on the team why isn't he starting? Then if he plays like shit the coach will be under pressure from both directions to bench or not bench him.

  12. So we're talking about off field image, because his stats are better than 90% of the QBs in the league, his ability to play ball and talent is there. but for the Ravens to consult with Ray Lewis just boggles the shit out of my mind because he was charged with MURDER before…talk about off field image

  13. He should protested off the field, he ushered in a new level of disrespect for the entire country, even highschool athletes where kneeling down after that loser started it. I hope he wont even get a espn or commentary job after this.

  14. Idk why but this type of stuff is poisoning my mind and l'm sick of it. People need to stop talking about this type of stuff. Can we just get along. I'm tired of hearing people talking about racist things left and right in this country especially because Kap took a knee during the national anthem. I really don't see that big of a deal. Just let it be.

  15. These comments here show how ant-white racist the viewers of espn are. And why the ratings for espn and the NFL are in the toilet. No one gives a flying fuck about CK's race. He's just an idiot and horrible business decision. Everyone just wants his anti America/anti cop agenda to pass so they throw the race card around. If he's in the league this season, it will be the downfall of espn and the league. I promise. Espns days are numbered anyways. They're the CNN of the sports world.

  16. LOSING football games is bad for business. If the Ravens finish the season out of the playoffs then the Ravens fan base ARE THE DUMBEST FAN BASE IN THE COUNTRY. Your starter is banged up and you have a 3rd string QB as a backup. Even if you think Kapernick should be kicked out of the league for his protest; if he helps u win games over Ryan Mallet SIGN HIM, WHO CARES ABOUT HIS POLITICS. I THOUGHT IT WAS ABOUT WINNING! Also he said he meant no disrespect towards the flag but was expression his personal beliefs.

  17. If Kaep's receivers were 8 feet tall and could reach overthrown passes, or if they were under 5 feet tall and could scoop up dirt balls at their feet, he'd rank in the top 5. Dont believe the misleading stats from his half a season debut last year. Watch the blooper and lowlight reels on Youtube. I've watched every 49ers game at least twice since he was QB and I've felt this way. (It feels like an eternity) Ya, maybe the team fell apart, and he lost all ability, but when they were great, they carried him to the superbowl, not the other way around.

    Unfortunately for Kaep, his worst stat is an intangible. There should be a stat covering overthrown clutch passes. (See the Superbowl loss to the Ravens and loss to the Giants in the NFC championship game the year prior.)

  18. I'm over his obsession with Kaepernick not voting. He didn't "announce it to the world" (not sure why that even matters, other than to criticize him), he was asked. Maybe his issue should be with the reporters who keep asking him political questions. If yall don't want Kap to talk about politics and "stick to sports" don't ask the man political questions, stick to football questions. Real simple solution.

    ETA: There's also the fact that neither candidate was worth a damn & Kap was upfront about how he felt about both candidates. Hell, I didn't vote either. A lot of people sat this one out.

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