Kobe Bryant vs LeBron James – Skip and Shannon passionately debate who is better | UNDISPUTED

Shannon Sharpe tells Skip Bayless why he thinks Michael Jordan likes Kobe Bryant more than LeBron James.

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About Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED:
UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe,
and moderated by Joy Taylor on FS1. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive,
passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.

Kobe Bryant vs LeBron James – Skip and Shannon passionately debate who is better | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED


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  1. I agree with Shannon, MJ's classification with who's better is based on the number of rings they have which o believe is a complete logical fallacy. Charles Barkley has 0 rings, Tristan Thompson has 1, matt delevadova, MATT BARNES.

  2. Shannon won this argument, its as easy as that. He was actually answering skips question while skip was just taking shannon's questions and trying to turn it into something about how lebron is "weak"

  3. Not saying that Kobe is better than Lebron but I can't STAND when people keep saying "well by mj's math that means that Bill Russell is way better than MJ, he's the real goat blah blah blah." MJ is not saying that rings are the only thing that matter. He is saying that since they are close in skill that Kobe's 5 rings to LeBron's 3 pushes Kobe over the edge and makes him better. Not saying that I agree but MJ is not saying only rings matter, smh

  4. Why is everyone always talking about LeBron's worst finals but not Kobe's in 2004? Kobe averaged 22, shot 38%, and he shot more than anyone else on both teams AND they lost that series.

  5. Did i miss something? MJ NEVER declared he was the best. We all heard him say before he would never say he was the best. Shannon is a dickrider that keeps making strawman arguements. The discussion was kobe and lebron. And this fool talking about brady and montana. Then mj and russell. Dumb. But even by that arguement he making mj and kobe still above lebron, but so is russell

  6. For some reason, a lot of people are forgetting to mention this; Kobe on his rookie season was a bench player because the Lakers were already full of stars. Lebron in his rookie was a starter and played sooo many minutes because the Cavs had no one. There's a difference. So of course Kobe wasn't in the scene until the stars left. Also, Shaq Shaq Shaq…something everyone ALWAYS brings up. But the question is, if Shaq was soooo good, how come he couldn't take the Lakers to the finals before Kobe joined? The lakers had some pretty good players but how come they never made the finals? But when Kobe comes, they make the finals for 4 straight years….coincidence? I think not. Kobe>Lebron. Plain and simple.

  7. If you think about it, neither jordan or kobe defeated a loaded team. But lebron did. Yall forgot he defeated a 73-9 team. Lebron defied more odds than both jordan and kobe. Cmon lebron needs credit for every thing he did in his careeer. He never was on a super team. Never. And dont say miami heat

  8. Kobe got traded to a Laker team with 3 other all-stars in Van Exel, Eddie Jones, and Shaq and had to work his way into the starting lineup. He wasn't drafted to a mediocre team like Lebron was and given the ball to dominate and have everything go through him, reason why Lebron stats were so much higher. Kobe had to defer to a prime Shaq until his 8 yr in his career and that's why his stats aren't as high as Lebrons. If LBJ played with a prime Shaq starting his rookie yr, he would've deferred too.
    BTW Kobe shot back at Chris Childs, he was running after him and childs was running away, plus Reggie Miller fist fight… Queen James ain't never been in a scuffle let alone a fist fight in his entire career. KILLER KOBE ALL DAY!

  9. Omfg Shannon, Kobe didnt lead his team in scoring until his 7th year cuz Shaq was the leader and the coach wanted the offense to run through Shaq. LeBron was in cleaveland man, can we name anyone who's even considered decent in cleaveland at that time? Kobe avg 22.5 by his 4th year 2000 won the chip and had to do it all while having Shaq,Fisher who were there before he was. Your own arguments work in Kobe's favor

  10. One of Dom2K's videos mentioned that Kobe played for a great organization in the form of the Lakers and LeBron played for an organization ran by DAN GILBERT, who has consistently interfered with trade offers that benefited Cleveland. One time, the Cavs could have gotten Amar'e Stoudemire by giving up J.J Hickson and a couple of other players and assets involved, but Dan Gilbert refused to trade J.J Hickson for no good enough reason.

  11. Skip's arguments were so weak he couldve done 10x better and he couldn't even respond to shannon's arguments skip did a dishonor in defending kobe smh so many other things he could've argued

  12. kobe is 6-15 against lebron in their regular season matchups so i dont know why yall brag about kobe is better just cuz of 5 rings, 81 points and he takes last shots but mostly misses

  13. shannon knew the ball went thru shaq he had to defer to shaq that's why he didn't lead in scoring.. Shaq did! y'all no that answer shannon.. he lead in scoring when shaq left.. yeah they cheated kobe out of mvp 2/3 times u no that!

  14. I love when skip gets caught up in his own "facts" and "quotes". I don't get why everyone has a problem with what jordan said…maybe in his mind bill russell is the best ever. I remember and interview of jordan talking about that he would never said that he's the best beacuse to him that would be disrespectfull to the other players that he never played against them, like jerry west, dr j, bill russell, wilt, etc. So, even if I think that lebron is better than kobe, but if I had to pick one in his prime I would pick kobe because I like him more because of his killer mode, people shouldn't have a problem with the michael jordan's view of how a player is mesured. But if we are talking all around I would pick Jordan at one, then lebron and then kobe bryant. Sure that between them there are other players like magic, wilt, russell..but yeah, lebron is better than kobe in a lot of things, but kobe is above lebron in things that matters more, at least to me.

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