Jeremy Renner Wants Conor McGregor To Beat Floyd Mayweather | First Take | ESPN

Actor Jeremy Renner joins First Take and says that he wants Conor McGregor to beat Floyd Mayweather.

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  1. Floyd will win. Its just brash talk and hype. Paulie Malagnaggi who couldent hurt a fly was sparring Conor. Come on. Paulie is way pass his best. He has dobble chin and looks like he is out of shape. Conor brash talks. He can never go 12 rounds at a high pace. If he weighs in at 170 pounds he will gas out quikly.

  2. All the Irish on here getting bent out of shape because he says he's Irish, if his ancestors were Irish immigrants and even to this day he still considers himself Irish we shouldn't shit on that I think that's a great thing. If I had to leave this country you can be damn sure 6 or 7 generations down the line they are still gonna know who and where they came from….. oh and by the way FUCK THE MAYWEATHERS!

  3. Conor is gonna lose?
    Just like the cavs were going to lose to 73 win warriors
    Just like buster Douglas was going to lose to 33-0 mike Tyson
    Just like Brock Lesnar was going to lose to Mark Hunt(A wrestler can't beat a UFC fighter in UFC)
    Oh wait……😤💀💀💀
    (A UFC fighter can beat a boxer in boxing, a boxer can't beat a UFC fighter in UFC for this reason, UFC fighters already know how to punch but they can kick, elbow, knee, submit. So they overmatch boxers in a fight game)

  4. Kings of Boxing this decade: Mayweather, Hopkins and Pacquiao
    Kings of MMA this decade: Jon Jones, Anderson Silva and Fedor Emelianenko.
    Conor's just a white hope who's a good (not great) fighter that has a great personality and sells fights well.

  5. Stephan A. Smith is a smart reporter and here is what he did by asking the question on how jeremy renner feels about connor mcgregor. And jeremy responds by saying he loves connor because he has a big mouth and backs up everything he says. Now notice how all those quality's connor has mayweather already has them. Mayweather being a black man with a big mouth that backs up everything he saids becomes the bad guy in the sport of fighting. Connor in the other hand being an irish white man with a loud mouth that backs everything up gets praised. Why is that? Well the truth lies within jeremy renner's answer. (Maybe because im irish i don't know.. – Jeremy Renner

  6. Clearly hasn't seen a single Mayweather or McGregor fight at all. I wish these celebrities would just answer when asked about their opinion: "I don't know and I don't give a fuck."

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