First Take Debates Tom Brady Retiring After 2017-18 NFL Season | First Take | ESPN

First Take debates whether New England Patriots’ QB Tom Brady should retire after the 2017-18 NFL season.

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  1. They will talk about Brady and retirement all damn season. Only pat fans give a damn. Let the cheat retire. If Atlanta won that bowl. They wouldn't be talking about this dude. Deflate gate only.

  2. I mean Max sooner or later will be right, I mean Max can say Aaron Rodgers will 'fall off a cliff' and he'll be right, everyone will eventually fall off, there is no way to win that argument against Max, once Tom is 41, he will say, the 'cliff' is coming, until Tom actually sucks(i mean it can be until tom is 45), one can do the same to Aaron right now.

  3. I don't think Brady retires after winning a SB. Even though that's the way I'd like to see him go, I just don't think he'll walk away if he's fresh off a SB, he'll try to do it again until he believes he's no longer good enough to keep doing it.

  4. Tom going out on top is leaving the job he set out to do unfinished. Tom is proving the naysayers wrong, he's been doing it his while career. Now he has the chance to finish this all by making the gap impossible to catch

  5. People forget that Brady had a bad injury in 2008 which sidelined him for the season. In addition to that having a bad surgery. But "o Peyton manning and Favre had surgeries" poor them. Brady did too and missed a whole season just like Manning. "But the system!" The same system that got Indianapolis to multiple conference championships only to fucking lose to the same team or another (Pittsburgh). Belichick was a garbage coach for the browns for many years before joining the patriots. Shit! How much does Brady have to prove that he is great?! 1000 tds??! Bunch of fucking haters including max kellerman! Btw, ravens fan here so don't talk that shit!😡

  6. No reason to retire, the body can stay healthy past 40 when you take care of it. This is like a 2nd prime. I've been saying it for the last couple years he's going to continue to play and I can see him playing easily 3-4+ season more with the patriots.

  7. Max is an idiot . Do he know that life expectancy was only like 50 years old around 100 years ago? a hundred years before that it was about 35 l guess he just think because no one has ever done anything before it can never happen

  8. The only scenario Tom Brady retires is if he gets injured at the end of the season or playoffs and garopolo leads the pats to a superbowl , that would end the Brady era in New England. Don't know why everyone is trying to play time keeper on when Brady will call it quits it's gonna be up to him. His words his play his diet and workout regiment all indicate he doesn't plan to retire anytime soon and has goals to stay as long as he possibly can.

  9. I can´t just settle with both Brady and Bellichick being the best ever, either Brady is the best QB ever, or Bellichick the best HC ever… someone is on the other´s back in this relationship… at frist I thought Bellichick was the best and Brady not that much… But I am really starting to feel that while Bellichick is a great coach (but not the best), he has been favored by having the best QB ever… thoughts?

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