DC Young Fly On Bringing Back TRL, His Rise In Comedy, His Baby Daughter & More

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  1. D.C. was having no parts of that terrorist joke. Nigga looked at the camera "I ain't say it I ain't say it". Good smart move, in today's climate, it takes a couple sensitive ppl online being mad about it and spreading it to the point mtv like we can't have this kind of humor on our network and can't work with u

  2. His stand up is really funny. He's naturally funny, he's not trying it just flows. If he in your city check him out. Do you thing D.C. Bump what a hater got to say!

  3. That was awesome! I love DCFLY. I remember me and my youngest daughter was in the car and she had him on the AUX and we were rolling I mean LMAO. I said who is that she showed me how to watch him cause sometimes life can be so messed up that you need some humor in your life. He is it. Congrats and keep it up. I also love his forward thinking to be so young. If there is a misunderstanding of any sort so what move, on move around and let it go.

  4. Wtf Charlemagne talking bout CB would have been on Beyonce level had not been for the speed knots he put on riri forehead, shit Beyonce wouldnt even be beyonce had she not married jigga,They like basically the royal couple of hip hop and entertainment.CB wasn't even pose to have a career after that incident with Ri Ri and he shook off that and came back bigger and better than he was fam..CB is legendary bro…closest thing to Mj talent wise man.On another note much respect to DC though..he doing his thing 👊👊

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